Car broken into

Someone broke into my car lastnight and stole my wallet and insurance papers. Nothing in the wallet except for id. More annoyed than mad. Car was parked on regent near queens park. Please comment if found.



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  1. JD Tait says:

    In my experience, you’re looking for someone you know. Probably someone you even consider a friend.

  2. oh sure blame the victim for all the piece of shit heroin addicts in that part of town.. nice guys

  3. Why not jump on people that can’t keep there fingers to themselves. Regardless of were your possessions are no one should touch them. This town really needs to step up on catching the responsible people and putting them away

  4. Dan R Gagne says:

    We live in a world surrounded by addiction, poverty, and greed. A man I worked for last week told me someone stole his ladder from his yard. A 24′ extension ladder… I mean WTF!! So sorry for your luck…

  5. Ryan Metson says:

    Could be wrong, but theres no over night parking there…why did you park there?

    • Ryan Metson People LIVING on Regent St, park in their own driveways or apt. parking lots & are still exposed to the scum who take a chance/opportunity to get something for little effort (AKA theft) & BTW, locked doors DO NOT deter said scum. It’s not just street parking that scum thieves take advantage of.

  6. Because people who make a mistake (as happens to everyone), and forgets something in their car is the one at fault for the theft instead of the piece of shit thief? Right, then…..the thief is NOT more to blame. SMH

    The utter lack of some people’s logic here is just astounding.

    • Dennis LeDrew i think the blame is 50/50. Don’t leave anything in your car that is appealing to theives. And theives should get a real job and stop stealing shit

  7. Jody Schut says:

    Omg. Why leave your wallet, let alone ANYTHING, in vehicles?!?!?!

  8. Azilda had a bunch too. My parents vehicles as well as my neighbors. I always lock my doors so I was safe.

  9. My favorite thing to do is keep my personal belonging in plain sight in my vehicle overnight. Russian roulette is a fun game.

  10. in Azilda? there was a lot last night

  11. Dean Farinha says:

    Great place to keep a wallet. What could go wrong?

  12. Joey Telfer says:

    Always keep insurence and registration in wallet and In ur house . Now they have address and would be watching you for when you leave.

  13. Take a walk around the block. Look in garbage cans, ditches (other side of snowbanks) if there was no cash inside, the thieves likely chucked it close by. Lots of luck and lock your doors.

    • Mitch Gendron can confirm ^^^. My car was broken into about 8 months ago by regent as well and my wallet was recovered just a street over in an old parking lot with everything still in it, minus my debit and credit cards ofcourse.