I can’t stand your breath.

Dating someone who doesn’t eat the same food you do is proving to have some issues. I can’t stand my guy’s breath because he eats spicy oniony and garlicy weird foods.

I like a bland diet and not much heat or spice.Listerine and strong gum can’t kill the smell. He knows I don’t like it but he says he likes different things. Our relationship is not the best because of it.I won’t start eating that stuff either so I’m feeling kind of sad. I’m feeling like we are actually incompatible.

DOn’t want to break up but also don’t want to wear a mask forever either. What to do what to do?



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  1. CJ Borne says:

    Well here you have it folk; a relationship ending because of food choices that aren’t even unhealthy

  2. So you want him to stop eating foods he likes because of his breath? Just because you like bland tasteless foods doesn’t mean he should eat what you like. And there is a way to kill bad breath. You just have to find what works for him.

  3. Tyler Pilon says:

    How old are you? Fucking moron

  4. Izzy Silver says:

    Does he hold his poops in lmfao little joke ! Likely has digestion issues he needs to get checked. Cux spicy foods aren’t why this is happening lol my man eats spicy all the time and has puppy breath!

  5. Talk about being shallow!

  6. Sounds like someone has rotten teeth

  7. Every time he speaks, tell him you smell shit. “like actual dog shit”. just keep reminding him. Do it in front of family and friends, dinner and lunches. Be relentless. That should take the ass out of his mouth.

  8. Really? Ever petty..

  9. This same guy who farts from earlier post.?

  10. …leave already fuck!…

  11. I just became stupider reading this

  12. Rob Anderson says:

    Wait til’ he farts.

  13. Lol ..Ugh..
    Wait until you actually encounter a big girl problem you must face !

  14. Tbh girl buy him a tongue brush lol
    Probably all the issue is. Plaque and crap stuck on the surface of his tongue, making smells extremely potent.

  15. Luc Rioux says:

    well when you meet someone you get to no him or her before moving in with him or her and settling down so why live with some if you want them to change the way of beeing unless it a bad life style there in but to change how they eat or act in life you fell in love with him that way so why change him or her ….im sorry but if my partner would want me to stop eating something i like to eat cause it bother her or him well why would it bother you what i eat it dosen t affect you in any way and if the smells of it is a probleme then you cook those item when you are not there as a comprimise…….and oh boy if the smell of food a issue in a relationship guess till you find someone that will only eat what you eat you ll have same issue to deal with

  16. Do him the favour and tell him your not in love. You sound shallow, if he meant a lot to you this would be a mere inconvenience. He deserves better, clearly.

  17. Gord Kol says:

    maybe he doesn`t like the taste of your ear wax either

  18. * due not do lol

  19. There isnt anything you can do. He eats what he likes as do you.. Simple as that. You just gotta deal with it or leave.

  20. Is this about the same guy farting in church?? I’m thinkin so!

  21. Every relationship has differences. But to leave someone because they prefer food you don’t is a little childish I think.
    See if he’ll brush his teeth after such foods that’s all. But word it so it’s not offensive lol

  22. This is the dumbest thing I’ve read today

  23. Ally Rebekah says:

    Lmao dating for a month?
    Food preferences don’t make or break a legit thing

    • Al Manion says:

      I can’t see myself being with a picky eater. I enjoy food. I enjoy cooking. When the person I’m with won’t even try most things I cook, I have a hard time with that.

    • Ally Rebekah says:

      That’s funny to me bx I’m the most picky eater EVER and kevin us just like you lol

  24. Chantal Dee says:

    Wow… 1st world problems…

  25. Paul Normand says:

    I think it’s just a excuse to find something stupid to get out of the relationship…..ever think of talking about it ….. “”Communication””” that’s your best bet ….at some point you were attracted to him right? Now your finding excuses and flaws ….fuckin relationships are so stupid now because of the pittiest stuff that people will come up with

  26. I bet your vagina smells like a rotting corpse. Now what?

  27. You probably won’t end up dating the guy in the next post who farts a lot.

  28. Left my hubby long ago oops!

  29. You are fucked in the head, plain and simple

  30. Jeff Pigeon says:

    Not everyone is meant to be together.

  31. Lmaooooooo holy fuck people make me question the human fucking race daily

  32. You feel like you are incompatible, but don’t want to break up? That itself will be a larger issue eventually.

  33. Cheryl Deroy says:

    Grow up. U suck his c***.
    He should dump you. Lol

  34. Get over yourself

  35. I had a roomate who became angry at the smell of boiled eggs.
    It was so fuckin weird and a lil disturbing.
    There is a connection between scents and emotions tho.. perhaps even a mental health one.
    I only suggest that because the OP seems to be a fucking nutcase when it comes to scents.
    If even gum isnt working then theres a huge problem. I dated a non smoker and gum worked like a charm.

  36. Scott Seguin says:

    I bet you’re breath doesn’t smell like roses after eating your kale or swallowing his load but he still loves you.

  37. Based on what you like, your breath is probably just as bad, if not worse.
    Do you honestly think bland food will make your breath not smell?

  38. You sound like a headache to date, let alone feed.

  39. Ginger May says:

    Healthy compromises.
    I’ll just leave that there.

  40. Ryan Dezelak says:

    Holy fuck your as deep as a teaspoon you are?

  41. First world problems

  42. Tony Palmer says:

    What a joke lol poor man

  43. Start smoking.
    It will help dull ur acute sense of smell and taste sensitivity.

  44. Dave Reid says:

    LMFAO! is this for real !?!?
    i feel bad for your bf, you know on the account that you sound like a fucking idiot when you open your mouth.

    • Jo Watson says:

      So true and very sad! If it is only the breath that’s the issue every guy should run because she’s very high maintenance.

  45. Doug Bies says:

    Dude should ditch you, pronto.

  46. Pam M Burton says:

    This is likely a bigger issue then just the smell of his breath dig deeper but hey if it is just cause his breath then you can’t tolerate it? Seems to me that if it is only cause of his breath you will never find a guy. Your standards are waaaay too high!

  47. Lmfao wow, I bet your breath probably doesn’t smell like roses either.

  48. Quinn Wesley says:

    oh that poor man

  49. I know the struggle

    Lol I’m a meat eater and my boyfriend is a vegetarian… my boyfriend is also an Indian (from India) and I’m a caucasian and I wasn’t use to eating spicy foods or different foods…
    but honestly perhaps trying some of his food, and what not and get him to try some of yours…

  50. Need to be breathe comparable…move on

  51. Are you stupid lol, that’s so petty.