Cant make a HOE a house wife

First of all, not all men are the same …and I most definitely wouldn’t say all women are the same…cause YOU’RE not.

But to the absent minded women who generalize all men the same this post is for you….Now tell me what make you a great women…you most likely cannot cook…you probably dont clean…you expect to be taken care of but have nothing to offer…can you sew, knit or quilt? Probably not.

Stop placing all men in the same category…I’m not here to defend all men, but I will sure as hell stick up for good men….the ones who provide and support their woman and children…how much make up did you put on today…right off the bat your fake…today’s women no longer have the same qualities as the women back in the day….that is why you struggle finding a good man….take a look in the mirror and ask yourself why you deserve a good man? You ABSOLUTELY dont deserve one just because you’re a women….you come with your own sets of problems…and us as men decide whether we want to just nail you cause your hot or be with you cause you’re the right one. Everything is always good in the beginning, because we have not gotten to see your crazy side yet…we only get to meet a side of you that 9 out 10 times isn’t real…at first your a super cool chick…our friends like you…your fun to party with ….the sex is usually amazing…but then we step it up and take it to another level…and we no longer get that cool chick….we get the monster. Do yourselves a favor ladies….

Stop looking for mr right when you’re mrs. Wrong to start off with….you dont deserve anything….this misconception of entitlement is your first obstacle to overcome… on you before you try to work on us…

I am a good man…and I know many other good if not better men then myself…so take your naive absent minded opinions and shove it up your ass…..we are here and if you cant find one….then you my love are indeed the problem!



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  1. Sudbury Chic says:

    Yes, you can! I am proof of that. ; )

  2. Anonymous says:

    Are you like, 102? And living at Pioneer. I bet you smell like old piss, love. Do you know how to turn the washing machine on? I bet you don`t. Do you know where the laundry soap is kept. Of course not. You don`t have to. You live at Pioneer. Just so you know, you`ll be making Christmas balls out of foam this year. And they`ll let you glue on 8 plastic jewels of your choice. When you`re done, your 2 minute bath is scheduled for next Tuesday. Have a splendid evening, sir.

  3. SRied says:

    Well, you definitely can’t make a hoe a housewife, as it is a gardening tool

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