Canadian Tire Espanola! Shame on you!!

I usually don’t shop in Espanola as I live in Sudbury however I had an issue with my hot water tank in one of my rental units.

I called the manufacturer as it was under warranty and was told to return it to the Canadian Tire in Espanola where it was purchased. I told the manufacturer that I didn’t have the receipt as I had just purchased the property, They told me it wasn’t an issue as the warranty was registered. So I lugged it in and the sales associate said I needed a receipt to get a credit or exchange. I explained that I had spoken to the manufacturer but regardless she told me she couldn’t help. So I left the store and called the manufacturer from the parking lot. They told me to go back into the store and they would talk to the sales associate. After they conversed about the process I was issued a store credit which I was happy to receive as I planned to put in a rental instead. A few days later I used some of money on the gift card with no issues.

A week later I went to make another purchase and was told I had a zero balance on the card. I was told to call the 1-800 to see what the issue was. The operator told me I had a zero balance and asked me if I was sure I didn’t spend it. That department did a full investigation and I was told that the Espanola Canadian Tire took the balance and I had to deal with them. A few days passed but I never had a chance to call the store to see what happened but I received a registered letter and it was a No Trespass!

I can’t understand why they would send me that weeks later and I was not aggressive in any way. But I figured it out. The letter was issued after I called head office and was told they took my balance. Putting a no trespass would definitely keep a person that you ripped off away. I’m just letting everyone know how fraudulent the store owner is. I will be calling the manufacturer, plus head office and I will be filing small claims court papers. I’m not sure if the police will get involved but it is definitely fraud.

Wow Espanola Canadian Tire Wow! Get a refund from the manufacturer, rip off a customer and then worry about upsetting a customer?????? No class Canadian Tire!



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  1. ThatGuy says:

    Nothing stops you from calling 15 times a day, I say do that til the fix the issue. How low to issue a no tresspass on you, they deserve 15 calls an hour if you ask me.

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