Can I come out and play part 2

I think some people misunderstood the reason for part 1 of this post. As someone who has been put on LWOP due to being more transmissible and infecting the entire world 🙄(which clearly is untrue as per our data, EVERYONE is on some form of lock down again) when can I go back to work!?? The justification simply is not there anymore.

Am I being punished simply because I did not listen to your unproven demands? The story we were told is no longer valid, so what’s the justification for me not being able to feed my family? I can smoke and drink myself into a coma and need medical attention for that, and I am still able to work. I can eat garbage all day long, need medical attention, TAKE UP SOMEONE ELSE’S ICU BED, but im still allowed to work. I can speed down the highways and get in a car accident, taking up an ICU bed but im still allowed to work. So taking up an ICU bed cant be the reason. EVERYONE CAN TRANSMIT, so that cant be the reason.

Seriously, why cant I work again!?



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  1. Anonymous says:

    You can’t work because you were deemed not essential, get a different job if you want to work, as long as you aren’t sick.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Because there are too many sheep following blindly to the point of begging for these mandates. Maybe by their tenth shot in under a year they will wake up. I took the first two to do my part, this isn’t about flattening the curve or icu beds or protecting others its about power, control and money. Follow the real science.

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