Can anyone tell me the average cost they pay per year for being a dog parent?

I don’t need to hear if you have to ask you can’t afford one because that isn’t going to be helpful. I am just looking for a realistic cost that I can expect for the care and wellbeing of having a dog in my home.

I know money should hopefully be set aside for emergencies but in general how much would it cost even monthly for a larger dog?

I welcome helpful suggestions from other pet parents.



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  1. Aa says:

    My dog eats $100 bag of food a month plus we buy him hoves and stuff at the grocery store so about another 100 plus his treats n toys from the pet store cuz hes a major chewer that’s about another 100. Every 2 months we buy a new leash cuz he chews his apart lol keep in mind some vet visits are abit pricer for bigger dogs.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Food for large dog anywhere from $60-100/month. Treats/brushing chews etc probably another $10-$15. Toys(so they don’t eat your furniture/shoes etc) can get costly if they are hard on them, so possibly $20-30 month. Grooming(hair/teeth/nails) if you don’t do it yourself depends where you take them. If you do it yourself, the initial start up cost of hair clippers, nail clippers, etc. Vet costs can vary greatly depending on which one you choose, but for just the yearly shots, flea treatments etc. anywhere from $300 and up. Then there are unexpected cost like emergency vet visits, special diet if required, crate if needed for separation anxiety, etc. Dogs are great companions, but you definitely need to be prepared to spend money on them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    My 40 lb dog: food approximately $70/month, yearly vet visit including shots, prescriptions for her bravecto (flea/tick meds) and dewormer approx $350 per year. Hopefully this helps.

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