Cambrian College mishap

School is closed until January 2nd and I need someone to tell me if they have the same problem.
I’m in engineering course, couldn’t pick my new block for 2019 winter. Finally today after noon I can register, when to pick my classes saying $2020 for arts program. What I looked into it was for a new student starting January. This was supposed to be my second year and I can’t get OSAP to pay me until my classes are picked for January. I was was going to pay 1200 around that mark not another 1000. The whole thing even given a new code and everything. Does anyone have this problem or seen it before?



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  1. This is common practice of many colleges when their previous semesters numbers were down. They create new codes with new (higher) prices, then when it’s time for prices to go back down they call it a “discount”.

    Go to our MP and he might be able to get you the old price, the more people that go to him with the issue the more likely he is to bring it to parliament and suggest a new law that stops colleges from price fixing like this.

  2. Even if you are a few days behind in classes, at least you will be correctly enrolled.

  3. Just go in on the 2nd and they will fix it. You might be in course overload and you would be charged an extra fee, I had that happen to me once. osap won’t give you anything until the school confirms enrolment anyway

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