Calm Down and give us Room to Work

I know common sense and common courtesy aren’t very common that’s why I am giving this advice to all the drivers and pedestrians that come across a snowplow clearing a driveway or business property. It’s only been a few weeks since we’ve had snow and I’ve already seen quite a bit of stupidity. We are the ones that clear the parking lots of the businesses you are wanting to shop at or your work parking lot. Give us room to work, don’t try to go around when you think there is a split second or few feet available.

If we are backing onto the roadway we will wait for the passing vehicles to clear first but inevitably another vehicle will appear as we are backing out. We will only be in your way for 5-10 seconds until we get realigned and put the blade down again to continue plowing the property. By passing you are putting yourself and us at danger of a collision. It’ll take a few seconds for you to wait so we can work safely. Same for pedestrians. Don’t just walk behind a working snowplow as if you had the right away.

Make sure the driver sees you first and make sure the truck is stopped to allow you to pass. A snowplow will have to make many different direction changes to clear a property. With highway snow plow trucks don’t pass in between 2 plows, don’t pass a plow at all. They are making the roads safer for you to use. If being delayed for a few seconds behind a truck working a commercial/residential property or a few minutes behind a truck clearing the road ways is going to cause you to be late you didn’t take the weather into consideration and plan accordingly anyway.

Remember all us plow operators are human and can only be in 1 place at a time. Your road or driveway may not be done the instant you want it to be done but it will be done. It’s a process to get everything cleared.



14 Responses

  1. jurtme says:

    since when did u guys start plowing driveways u usually just fill them for us dumb asses to clear

  2. Glenn Teddy says:

    wait a few seconds and save your life is better then losing your life in a few seconds

  3. Rose Burke says:

    what irks me is city plows plowing roads with no fuckin snow on them while there are plenty of roads with snow still on them…i live in the bush and the roads are awesome drive to city roads are awful…and a few of u parking lot plowers have no respect either cause some of u only see dollar signs and clearly dont give a shit about traffic or pedestrians yourselves…be safe out there:)

  4. Common sense and being courteous also goes both ways, pot calling the kettle black.

  5. Common sense is like deodorant. Those who need it most don’t use it!

  6. Gotta love the fucktards that pull into on coming traffic to avoid yielding their lane.

  7. Greg Kay says:

    Yo bub. Ya think they only clean ONE LOT. DA. Just saying

  8. Greg Kay says:

    U tell….bunch of dum. Asses

  9. Common sense would dictate that plowing takes place before and after a business opens, a lot of plow guys in this city don’t like to wake up at 3am though.

  10. Its sad on the coquihala or w.e driving through bc they actually had signs saying not to pass them on the right while they are plowing. Really people are that dumb lol.

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