Buy and sell etiquette

Is there not some sort of etiquette for buy and selling stuff.

If you don’t have the money or a way to get it why comment. Why say you’ll pick it up in the afternoon then not follow through.

There should be a rule that if the intention isn’t to pick it up the day the message was sent the seller can move on. (Exception if you’re open About it, i would gladly wait if someone was coming from out of town or whatnot just communicate)



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  1. Don Guay Don Guay says:

    Best policy, first come.
    First served. 40 $ firm,

  2. Biggest pet peeve is when I post something for 50$ obo
    And someone decides to offer me 20$
    Umm no I posted 50 obo how about 45 lol

  3. That’s why I never hold things for people… first come first serve.
    What drives me nuts is the people who won’t put a price in the ad and want everyone to pm….

  4. Worst is when people ask where youre located when you wrote that in the frikkin ad. LEARN TO READ PEOPLE!!!!!

  5. You can rate or report eh

  6. Cory Berube Cory Berube says:

    Lol. Kijiji or marketplace people tend to be the worst.

  7. Thats why i leave a phone number. I wont deal unless they call. Sometimes i cant get around because i was drinking, but i know when sellers are desparate to sell when they offer to deliver. Or end of the month sales. I only take for sale ads down once its sold. No holds, you want it? Come get it. Go back to the times of bargain hunter. You can twll whennits payday and they want the item, and the next day not answer because they spent it all. Worst times to have a seller come is thursday to saturday. Thwy run out of cash

  8. Is this still available?

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