I was in Lively earlier this morning and I noticed these 2 ladies waiting for the city bus. Only issue I had with this is, they where standing in the actual road because there was no other place to stand!

Really! How can the city expect people to wait for a bus, and 1 had a walker and have to stand in a live lane if traffic because they dont clean the stop out!

The city should be ashamed!!! Of course 311 is closed today but everyone needs to call and complain about this. Its 2 days after the storm.

These stops should be cleared out!



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  1. TammyC says:

    I have a bus stop at the end of my driveway between my house and my neighbors. There is a snowbank and it’s not been cleared once. The city transit stops directly in my driveway, and lets the people out, because my driveway is clear. I’m not gonna lie, I’m annoyed that people are getting dropped off directly in my driveway, perspective wise, I guess you could say I’m doing a good deed for the people on the bus 🙂 Either way I do pay my taxes and these are things that should be dealt with.

  2. No name says:

    Is that even a bus stop???

  3. ThatGuy says:

    I dont suppose you got off your ass, grabbed a shovel and tried to help? Guess posting useless complaints was more important.

  4. Anonymous says:

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