Brides Beware

Brides Beware of Susie’s sewing & bridal boutique located n Barrydowne.
She seemed liked a very nice lady but she has poor management skills and communication skills..
She never returns any messages via her FB page, email or phone. I have left her many messages and no one has responded even after she claimed she was hiring an assistant to do all of that.
I had saw a nice dress I had thought about buying and I needed time to think about it, but when I tried to call to book an appointment I was never able to get thru to her, left many messages and nothing… So I decided to buy else where.
This in not a good way to run a business or to treat brides of this community who tried to give your business a chance… shop local they say, and support small businesses, well I tried that and look where that got me.

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  1. Nickers says:

    Make sure to leave reviews on other websites and avenues as well. Facebook, Google reviews, people check all sorts of avenues. It is the responsibility of the staff to make sure the store is competent and that it can deliver the services it advertises! Owners have to take responsibility for their businesses.

    Her reply above is a good start in the right direction. We still need to hear about lousy service as a reminder to everybody, because our time is precious and we don’t need people wasting it willy-nilly.

  2. Susan says:

    Hello this was brought to my attention, I am the owner of Susie’s Sewing and Bridal Boutique, I am sorry you hadn’t gotten a hold of me, this is wedding season and I do run a shop on my own until my new assistant starts in a week, I do try to reply as best as I can, I am sorry you couldn’t get through sometimes the messages do get lost, the best way to get a hold of me is texting 705 923 7973 thank you. Have a nice day .

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