I have a question.

How old is it best to breed ur dog?

I have a 6 month old Male Husky Retriever and Id love for him to have pups one day. Just curious on the best age.



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  1. David Smith David Smith says:

    Fuck all you people that say neuter or spay ur dog. You have no right to tell people what to do with their dog. You want to promote something getting fixed try humans that are on welfare and social assistance with 2 or 10 kids with no job

  2. Someone just looking to make some quick cash with clearly no experience. Neuter your dog.

  3. Why on earth would you breed your dog??? Do you have any clue how many dogs get euthenized every year because of ppl like you who just want their dog to have a litter cause they think they will make a quick buck or cause its cute? Is it cute when the pups (6-12pups) are homed, then re-homed cause the ppl cant kerp the pup,or dont know how to properly train it and just discard it? Or how kany get abused, seriously abused, even tortured or used by unscrupulous pos that use the pups as bait dogs in dog fights? Or how tjose pups can produce more unwanted dogs? Each pup could potentially have up to 3 litters a year 6-12 pups…then those could also…in 2 yrs the offspring could be 7000 or more dogs suffering, dying, being euthenized cause you bred your dog. Wtf is wrong with you? Be a responsible owner protect your dog if you love her. Get her spayed!!! There are low income spay neuter clinics through Pet Save Sudbury that happen multiple times a year. Also if something went wrong your dog could need a c section costs up to $2000 for that but I.somehow suspect if your dog was in distress during delivery you would probably dump her somewhere and she would likely die. Seeing as you actually asked what age to breed your dog at..I suspect you arent old enough to have the money to properly care for a pregnant dog. Dont be that asshole pos. Be a good owner get her spayed!!!! You will be saving her life and every pup she would of had from a life of misery. You might ger lucky and find a few good homes but I promise you 80% of the pups will end up suffering or euthenized. How could you live with yourself after that? Plz do the right thing.

  4. People like this give people like me a bad rep. I choose to keep my males intact until they are at least 2. I believe they need the hormones to mature properly. It isnt hard to avoid accidents. I do not let mine off leash other than my backyard, I keep them leashed at all times outside the house and I do not allow them around females. Period. I really dislike the term “accidental litters”. Majority of the time when you start talking to the “breeder” they change the story. “Oh, my buddy came to hang out for the day with his dog. We were letting them run around and play and all of of sudden….” that is no accident.

  5. Lol look at all these people not answering the question asked …. Hahahaha

  6. Well, vets cant give you hip scores until 2, you need eye and ear scores as well, health checks and behavioral assessments. How long will it take you to save up like 8000 dollars to do all the medical scores needed to breed a healthy litter?

    Oh what’s that? You dont want to spend that kind of money on your mutt you got for free? Dont breed your dog.

  7. Zack Tryon Zack Tryon says:

    You’ve just upset every single woman in sudbury

  8. There is a lot more to breeding than putting an intact male and a female in heat in a room together. I suggest reading this article, yes it’s American but it’s has lots of pertinent information you need to know before you even think of breeding. Also look up some Canadian Kennel Club Breeders and visit them and see what goes into breeding.

  9. Mike Reid Mike Reid says:

    If you need to ask this question you are no where even close to the knowledge to start to breed dogs…

  10. So you’d like to create more mutts that no one will want to pay for so they will be given away to people who can’t afford to properly care for a dog who has unknown origins or genetic health problems? Leave the breeding up to the professionals and maybe don’t start your own puppy mill.

  11. Almost every single comment is from a women… So many SJW women in this city. Most are certifiably insane. Worry about YOU!

  12. Our shelter and rescues are overfilled with dogs right now, many dogs on local and Northern reserves are waiting to be rescued because of the overflow and you want to breed your mixed dog?????
    How selfish can you be?????
    Did you dog tell you in a letter that it wanted babies? No I don’t think so! Again how selfish can YOU be?!!
    I’m so sick of backyard breeders!
    Make the right decision, educate yourself in our city and how desperate of a situation we are in with the overpopulation of dogs please and don’t just think about YOUR wants. Do the right thing.

  13. If you dont know and you need to find help here… then you shouldn’t breed . Troll post my guess

  14. Before even attempting breeding, please check your local shelters, rescues, and people trying to find homes for their dogs.. We have a PROBLEM with over population as is, please do not add to it. Neuter him, don’t risk those pups ending up in shelters, and put down before their time.

  15. Be warned puppies are cute and all but when you have a pack of them….they are savage little bastards…i was gonna breed my luna. Shes a pit/boxer mix and would make gorgeous puppies….but i got to babysit my gfs little English pointer/german shepherd mix and she was a terrorist! But that being said anytime after the age of two is optimal for breeding, any time before that could cause problems with the puppies

  16. Obviously you have given this a ton of thought and undoubtedly will spend all the required time to raise all 2 to 18 pups right to the end! Dont confuse your sexual urges with what your mixed Male pup would like. If you like puppies spend some time at the shelter for your fix then move back on to your Netflix regular scheduled programming.

  17. Oh good grief…rescues/shelters have tons of that breed that desperately need homes. Please get your dog fixed and don’t add to the problem!

  18. It’s a guy thing, he wants his dog to get laid at least once before fixing him.

  19. Bawhahahaha people are gonna rip you up.
    But, the answer you seek is 2 years old for the best quality breeding.

  20. Yea another backyard breeder..ugh

  21. 2! We have a husky as well and his breeder said the best time to mate him would be 2 years of age

  22. Please get you pup fixed. So many dogs already who need a home.❤️

  23. Your dog doesn’t need to have pups. He’s too young for you to even know whether he has any congenital health issues to pass along. He’s a Heinz 57, and shelters are overflowing with them. There is no need to add to the problem, please neuter him. It will also reduce the risk of health issues for him later on as well, and is the best option all around.

  24. Shawn Timony Shawn Timony says:

    I don’t think you should ever have sex with your dog.

  25. 1) best mix bread ever.( had my huskie retriever almost 20 years was 2 days shy of it when he passed)
    2) that said, there are shelters filled with discarded animals needing homes, there are homeless puppies and dogs everywhere! Adopt don’t shop… Please consider neutering him instead of breading, expecially to bread for profit..

    3) there is no good time or age to bread.when the world is.over run with strays… And if your on FB asking you clearly should do the right thing and neutur… Cause any reputable breeder would know how much work is involved.. Again..
    Don’t breed.. Adopt… Help a homeless dog don’t increase the issue…

  26. Kris Parnell Kris Parnell says:

    Or be a responsible pet owner and neuter your dog…..

  27. I know a few backyard breeders and unfortunately I don’t think anything can be done about them or to stop them

  28. Lynn Levens Lynn Levens says:

    Sounds like yet another BYB in the making. Clearly you know nothing of breeding and breed standards if your asking on fb. So much goes into breeding when done by REPUTABLE breeders, such as health testing ( more than one generation ) confirmation and so on. This makes me angry.

  29. PLEASE DON’T!!!…if you knew anything about animals you would know this ….sounds to me you don’t care and just want to make a profit!!!…..ppl like you make me sick

  30. Please neuter your baby…if you have to ask that you should not be breeding…also there are enough strays abandoned and who’s knows what excuse they can’t handle their dogs in our shelters..the ideas of puppies is cute but its alot of work!!

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