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How many people have been dumped because of asking your partner, why doesnt our relationship status show on your fb wall? Would they be hidding something? Is this a reason to break up? Is this a reason to ruin love?



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  1. Why…. why do people need to have their relationship blasted all over Facebook? Do you both know your together? Are you both faithful? Stop seeking validation on Facebook with likes and comments.

  2. Mike Charron Mike Charron says:


  3. Oh my fucking God…. if your self worth or life goals are connected to Facebook…. y
    You’re absolutely pathetic

  4. Holy shit,I hope you’re a young person, like Teenage young,if not…. just grow up already,and ask the person,or maybe some close friends.

  5. Huh?

    Oh, they let kindergarteners on here now?

  6. LOL it’s not a relationship unless it shows on facebook right? Lol… This is stupid

  7. Kim Parker Kim Parker says:

    asks the 15 year old OP

  8. Dennis Lopez Dennis Lopez says:

    You got cheated on. Move on.

  9. What did people do before Facebook to say they were committed to a relationship? Oh yeah there was no social media. You don’t need Facebook to say you are with someone

  10. If it’s not on the internet it’s not true. Change your statuses people, apparently you aren’t dating if it doesn’t say so on your facebook profile!!!

  11. Neas Angele Neas Angele says:

    Maybe you guys weren’t really together lols

  12. You are all missing the point of this. They’re askimg about making the status public then getting dumped. Which if tjat was the case they had the right to question the strength bc it clearly wasnt strong enough to withstand a simple question. And they arent talking about “plastering their love on fb”, it was about having the status as public. Stop demonizing everything people. Not everything needs a negative comment (yes I’ll be waiting for them too)… As for the op- its a good wah to fish out a bad relationship thats what it took to end it. Your partner should be proud of being in a relationship with you and if they are a regular fb user (not everyone is so don’t expect someone to change, love them for who they are), they know the value of changing the status. Best of luck and dont let someone try to belittle you bc you asked a simple question. Back up what you find important

    • Bianca Robinson if they waited for a Facebook update to solidify their relationship, then life must be really hard… I mean really, social media isnt the end all be all of this world, ACTUAL socialization beyond text on a screen is what makes this world work

    • Trevor Coulthurst nothing says that they waited for that. And no ine said its the be all end all. What i said is that if doing that small gesture was such a big deal then the relationships not strong enough to hold up. Some are proud of who they are with and also want to be feel like they are with someone who wants to shout from the roof tops of who they are with. Now that that is not practical especially in canadian weather, some people get excited when its declared to their friends and family or who they are with and that they are off the market

  13. Facebook doesn’t determine your relationships!!! The people do!! If you really need a status on social media to feel connected to your “loved” one then it isn’t love

  14. I am not sure why people plaster their relationship over social media any way.
    Keep your relationship private.

  15. That truly only depends on the security of your relationship.

    If you have a good, healthy relationship, it shouldn’t matter. Or they’ll gladly fix it for ya without a fuss n y’all move on.
    On the other hand, it could very well be the fact that they’re trying to hide it for obvious (disgusting) reasons.

    A simple effort in communication will solve either or.

  16. Izzy Silver Izzy Silver says:

    Most 14 year olds go through this! Don’t worry hopefully age will fix this !

  17. Because those who should know already do and anyone who doesnt know isnt important enough to inform… thats my take anyways

  18. What are you in, high school? I don’t think I title on Facebook should define a relationship. If he’s with you he’s with you, don’t need Facebook to reassure it.

  19. Leslie Buffett exactly!
    Wish I could like this a thousand times.

  20. Some people do not even know how to change their relationship status of facebook. Whatever eh!!!

  21. Ron Dom Ron Dom says:

    If your relationship depends on how many people know .. then it’s not worth it.. the only people that being in a relationship should concern is the two that are in it.

  22. Smh does anyone even know how to relationship anymore

  23. your boyfriend is laying pipe to someone else lol

  24. Enquiry minds want to know?

  25. Really ? Its Facebook. How insecure are people ?!?! Couples on fb are very unhappy

  26. Honestly… keep it off fb, worst thing ever..

  27. Bye shoutout!! This is getting pathetic

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