Break up, grow up, shut up, sober up

To the young group on the “W” street off of 2nd Ave in Minnow Lake who rented a tiny little house last year on a quiet residential street: I’m not sure where you kidults grew up, but having an argument doesn’t automatically happen in the middle of the freaking street. We’ve had to listen to this nonsense repeatedly since you littles have moved in, and for the life of me I can’t understand the purpose of keeping the whole damn street awake for entire nights over and over again when you can still feel free to call each other whores without disrupting an entire neighbourhood.

We don’t care that since you don’t have your kids, you will laugh if some other girl (with the same name as the famous “If I could turn back time” singer) calls CAS. Newsflash, Linda: You woke up everybody else’s kids on the street, so can we call CAS on you for that instead? We don’t care who is on who’s side or not, we only care that you are screaming about it for hours in the middle of the street when we are trying to sleep.

You have rented a home in a family neighbourhood, kids. Figure out a way to learn how to fight indoors pretty please, because your screaming matches and fist fights, ripping off jackets and glass breakings, the ‘get the fuck off my property!”s and the seriously obnoxious way that you guys seem to get louder all night no matter how many times the police come are activating my Adam Sandler brain.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe thats how they get steamy for a hot session?

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