Borderline abusive Skip Drivers!

I would like to post a friendly reminder to the Skip Drivers that may see this, who feel entitled enough to boarder on abusive behaviors towards the employees of the places that are on the delivery service Skip The Dishes.

I once was just a person, who ordered from Skip very often and I want to say that I do apologize for any negative feelings I ever felt towards skip drivers. I understand now that tarty deliveries have so many possible reasons. If my food was late I honestly just never left a review at all. If it was on time, than I would leave a positive one. I now work at a fast food restaurant that caters to the Skip service, and I also have management that doesn’t seem to care about how much we struggle with balancing these new shorter staff lists (because of covid) on top of the new addition of Skip and Uber Eats. It is hard. Constantly working short staffed, and also having been laid off for the past 3 months, it has taken a lot out of me to get used to my new work environment. It was already an pretty hostile work environment before I had been laid off but now, I have to deal with the hostility of my coworkers and hostile Skip drivers. So my friendly reminder is this: to all of you skip drivers that have zero compassion for the struggles of those who are supposed to be partners with you, to the men and women who come in without the one and only piece of mandatory work equipment you have (your skip bags), for those who think it is alright to come to my place of work and start calling me and my coworkers fat or lazy or ignorant, know this: at my place of work, at least 50% of my staff orders from Skip pretty regularly, we also know your names, since they show up on our Skip order Tablet, we have all made the decision and all agreed, that from here on out, when we experience this kind of blatant harrassment, we will be taking the name down, requesting new drivers immediately, leaving bad review on our tablet, and will be canceling all our personal skip orders with your name attached to it.

You think it is alright to walk into a place of business and verbally abuse the employees for doing their jobs the best they can, and get away with it, absolutely not. We have had enough!! It will stop one way or another. As Canadian citizens we all have the right to refuse unsafe work, and I’m telling you now we will boycott Skip themselves to avoid the abuse we receive from their drivers. See if we are joking.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Skip the Skip!

  2. Anonymous says:

    man fuck skip useless fuckers ordered 2 times food was cold and disgustin

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