Blonde Hair Recommendation

Hi. I have light brown hair with some red undertones. I am looking for recommendations on who can make my locks blonde without a brassy result.

I know it’s a commitment and can take more than one session but who is your go to gal/guy for giving you beautiful blonde hair that looks natural and shiny. TIA


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34 Responses

  1. Studio C Hair Salon Crystal Lavallee

  2. Check out my Facebook page , Headquarterz Family Hair Design! Contact me if you would like to book! ☺️

  3. Tara Lynn Tara Lynn says:

    Emma at Collective Haus !!!

  4. Angel Savoie at Kelly’s on LaSalle

  5. Emma at Collective Haus.. you will not regret it!

  6. Jerica Wentzell or Afsoon Mushtaq both amazingly talented artists!

  7. Gingersnap salon. Great ladies. Very talented.

  8. Emma at Collective Haus or Ann Laframboise

  9. Jacqueline Paradis at hairgoals !

  10. Lise Cote Lise Cote says:

    Kayla Ashley at Essence Hair Design can work some serious magic

  11. Bobbi De Silva Shear Art Hair

  12. Hez Bird Hez Bird says:

    Jerica Wentzell and/or Bailey Harris at Gingersnap Salon on LaSalle!!

  13. Rondez Vous Hair Salon – Jayme –
    Check her Instagram

  14. Kiara Hagen Kiara Hagen says:

    Emma at collective house is amazing!

  15. Angel Savoie she’s is the best!!!!

  16. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    Benita Dellelce charm Plus

  17. Jacqueline Paradis at Hair Goals is incredible

  18. Faye Thorpe….mobile hairdresser extraordinaire!!!

  19. Purple shampoo is the key to maintain blond hair

  20. Creative Concept hair by Chelsea Jade

  21. Jerica Wentzell Bailey Harris at Gingersnaps on Atlee!!!

  22. Cathy Stone Savannah’s Family Hair Design and Spa

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