Blame snoop??? Lol

Yeah blame snoop for Sudbury drug problem. How bout this blame the city, blame them for not providing anything there other than a big nickel to visit.

Youth need activities and other things to do other than high school activities. It’s a joke. Blame your city. Snoop is and always has been about weed. That’s it. He don’t promote drug use!!! Are you bent? It’s weed. It legal it kills less ppl than alcohol. So who do we blame in Sudbury for all the drunks???

Buddy that town needs some aura and stop building so many methadone clinics. That’s your issue, these doctors cashing in on a major cash cow. They ain’t helping at all. They are making it worse. Look into the things that really make that shitty as gross as the smell from Espanola.



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  1. Linda says:

    And how many people have developed psychosis from excessive use of your fabulous weed? We`re not talking about having a daily bowl of Corn Flakes here, chum. If people are bent? Usually people smoking “weed” on the daily, are. Lets say, bowls. And bowls. And bowls. That IS a problem. It`s called loss of motivation to do anything else because.. oh that`s right. You`re bored. Here`s an idea: get off your lardo. And find something productive to do. Develop an interest. And welcome yourself into the real world.

  2. Ur stupid. Sudbury is awsome, where else can u live great off of hardworking ppl? Hmmmm

  3. The government pushes drugs. They push the pharmacy to get more patients on monoxy shit, sorry not sure what they call. Anyway because they make good money. Unreal how it works.

  4. This is ridiculous. Snoop fault? bahahahaha Only in sudbury

  5. James White James White says:

    How about blaming the people sticking the needles into their arms? Itz not bad parents or lack of education or the government. It’s no big secret that these hard drugs are addictive and destroy lives. Nobody to blame other than the addicts for making the decision to stick themselves with that garbage.

  6. Li Marie Li Marie says:

    ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! Give your head a god damn shake and take your head out of your ass!! If you think it’s Snoops fault the idiots who shoot up heroin, and crack and leave their paraphernalia all over the street is his fault then you really are fucking naive!!! There has been problems with drugs in that city LONG before snoop EVER SHOWED up. And FYI he promotes MARIJUANA!!! I blame bad parenting, no knowledge on hard core drugs and the government! It all boils down to people being completely uneducated. COME ON!
    THis seriously made me so irate! I have to laugh tho, people always have to make it a point to make themselves look ridiculous snd blame it on something completely irrelevant rather than what the actual problem really is!

  7. Sasha KJ Sasha KJ says:

    Sudbury has been slowing down for a while though

  8. Yo Snoop Dogg smokes Weed and promotes the shit out of it, which isxa good thing, he’s no talking about xannies, blow,crack and other drugs which is today’s modern plague.
    Snoop is the shit,love the big boss Dogg uncle Snoop.

  9. Jay Brunette Jay Brunette says:

    I blame bad parenting. City councillors are the next in line. Not many playgrounds or activities or things to do for youth. Drugs and video games and vandalism is the new playground.

  10. Damn maryjuanna snorters, must be growing meth plants and fenttylonol trees

  11. Carrie Ann Carrie Ann says:

    Hahahah as if ppl would say its Snoops fault!!
    He doesnt promote coke/crack, needles, or pills.
    Hes about weed….which NO ONE has ever died from!!
    Get over it!!
    Blame the government for doing fuck all to help the addicts.

  12. Apparently there is nothing to do in Toronto or New York as they have drug problems as well

  13. Jon Cyr Jon Cyr says:

    You Leave uncle snoop and my town outta this you cretin

  14. You gave me whiplash with all that back and forth ranting.

  15. Allen Lawson Allen Lawson says:

    when someone makes a joke about snoop and you take it to heart <3 ps. Plenty to do in the city .

  16. Talon Farmer Talon Farmer says:

    Wtf are you even trying to say LMAO

  17. weed hasn’t killed anyone, so that’s a moot point. But you are right Sudbury had an issue long before Snoop ever showed up. Smoking weed isn’t the problem there it’s the drugs used in needles and meth.

  18. Connor Green Connor Green says:

    Kills less people than alcohol. How about it kills not one person EVER

  19. Well Sudbury was totally drug-free before Snoop arrived. I believe the day he came was the day all of the drugs were invented!

  20. Zack Tryon Zack Tryon says:

    Nah. Blame yourselves . Taking drugs was a choice .

  21. Since when are people blaming snoop? Lmfaooo

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