BEWEARE of 416 area code calls that you don’t know

Five of our phones just received five different 416 area code calls.

The automated message was in an Asian dialect. It is a scam call. Heads up.

Different numbers used, all 416 area code.



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  1. I’ve just come to realize if
    I don’t know the number o don’t
    Pick up. If it’s important they will
    Leave a message and I’ll call back. Or text most likely text lol

  2. Shane G-Roy Shane G-Roy says:

    Tell them to call you back at a better number your phone is dying and give them the number to the cops or cyber police lol

  3. I never answer unknown numbers. Chances are if they don’t leave a real msg, it wasn’t important

  4. Moi c est sur mon téléphone cellulaire 1-888

  5. If I don’t know the number, it goes to voice message. If it’s legitimate they will leave a message.

  6. Susan Boese Susan Boese says:

    “Me sowwy, u got wong numba “

  7. I got the call to..just ignored it like most unknown numbers

  8. If you send me all credit card info and your pin I can stop all the calls!!!

  9. Jason LaFaci Jason LaFaci says:

    There’s also numbers calling from 705 within Sudbury …

  10. Kubla Shrek Kubla Shrek says:

    They love you long time

  11. One time my hubby played aling then when my hubby said scammer..the guy said fu to him…we had a great laugh.

  12. Same thing happened at my work. All the phones were ringing from all different 416 numbers with Asian dialect too.

  13. Someone been calling but it says unknown didn’t answer .

  14. Just had this happen to me said my creator card was used … I played along and they couldn’t tell me which one they just wanted my credit card numbers … don’t give nothing to them it’s not how credit card companies work !!!

  15. Maggie Bite Maggie Bite says:

    If you don’t recognize number don’t answer.

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