BEWARE of Lowes!!

We had a horrific experience today at Lowe’s. Keep in mind this is the first day they have opened to the public since COVID-19 so you’d think they would have strict policies in place. Apparently not.

We were in looking for aluminum railing and asked for assistance from an employee sitting at the millwork desk. When asked if he could assist us, he took off his mask, sneezed into his arm, looked up and said “corona sneeze”. I then proceeded to say “are you serious?”. He said “Yep” and turned away without assisting us. I then backed up with my hands in the air and we proceeded to leave the store promptly. We then called the store after to speak with the Manager, which turned out to be just an associate who informed me we should have found a manager while we were there to deal with it. Yes, because obviously we would want to stick around, especially after the cashier also was coughing into the air and handling my cards and then having to use the keypad for debit because they have no tap?!? Get with the program!! After feeling unheard and dissatisfied with the conversation, we then called back and spoke to the actual store manager, who was quite apologetic, watched the footage and confronted the employee Who admitted he said it as a “joke”. Really?!

Apparently COVID-19 is now a “funny” excuse not to assist customers. We have been assured by the store manager that he does not have it, since he had no fever this morning when screened. Now, to be safe, we both need to self isolate because Lowe’s employees find endangering others amusing…

We will be following up tomorrow to see what kind of repercussions this employee will be facing and also if he has any symptoms. BEWARE of Lowe’s!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Was he suppose to sneeze inside his own mask ? He had to sneeze at least he sneezed into his sleeve ! Was it cool he said Corona sneeze ! NO not cool to be making jokes at a time like this ! However yes STAY HOME if you are concerned . WHAT PART OF ESSENTIAL DO PEOPLE NOT UNDERSTAND! Where you wearing a mask? Gloves? Social distancing? You should be fine according to the government.! WASH YOUR HANDS, where were you going to do that ? In the public washroom? STAY HOME ! Dont be looking for reprocaution of firing for a bad joke ! Maybe this employee is scared shitless to be at work but is forced to be there to serve clients coming in for non essential items like aluminium railings . If he doesnt work he gets fired and unable to collect any $$ from the government that is forcing him to go back to work !

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for reporting it. Assholes are a dime-a-dozen… and these threads have several. Good Job!

  3. Anonymous says:

    You just need to stay home, period. You`re not ready to go shopping. You had your hands up you mean like trying to get closer to the germs after the sneeze? You just need to park it. And order online. This way, you won`t be offended by everyone under the sun. Naps are good. Sometimes you wake up on the right side of bed. Imagine that. Stay home Lucy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Pics, video or a link if not didn’t happen! Lmao

  5. anon says:

    sounds like this situation would’ve been avoided if you would’ve just stayed home, if you’re that worried about the virus stay the fuck home unless you have to make an essential purchase, not aluminum railing LOL

  6. Anonymous says:

    This story is either total bullshit or this guy has a severe case of vaginosis, must be karen

  7. Anonymous says:

    These people work for Home Depot
    Story is fabricated
    What essential purchase were you after anyways other than seeking a story
    These kind of people should stay locked in their bomb shelter

  8. Anona says:

    Reminds me of shortly after 9/11 when some person thought it would be “funny” to yell “BOMB” in a busy airport. It wasn’t. And this isn’t. And some people take stupid risks that put others at risk. Always have to look out for yourself. I would have reported this as well. Staff members need to be responsible about, and for, their actions

  9. Anonymous says:

    Get a sense of humour asshole

  10. Anan says:

    I bet trudi had the same experience with off leash dogs at petsmart!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Fake news! Victims everywhere

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