There is a woman that is using two small children to con the public into sending her gas money so that she can return home to Sudbury after being stranded outside of Thunder Bay. She makes the claim that she was beaten by her boyfriend and is alone with no help, low on cash and desperately seeking a loan that she will pay back when she receives her baby bonus.

I am here to warn others to not let their emotions get the best of them, she is a very sick person and is taking advantage of people’s gullibility and kindness.


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17 Responses

  1. Ian says:

    Her kik username is: Nikki222555

  2. Ian says:

    She is currently using this number 705-300-7550

  3. Lee Hanson Lee Hanson says:

    UPDATE: The scam artist’s name is Nicole (Nikki) Philippe but she sometimes goes by Tammy, which is also her mom’s name. She uses several emails: and and and provides a phone number too. Her family have written her out of their lives because she is such a toxic person. Pic is a fb profile pic.

  4. Joey Telfer Joey Telfer says:

    Baby bonus is today so she should be good to go with out looking

  5. Neil Daggett Neil Daggett says:

    People, let’s not keep supporting these scammers. There are agencies that help, nobody needs your hard earned money. The first part of dealing with scumbags is to take away the sense in trying. Gullible people become targets. Please stop feeding the seagulls and the scammers.

  6. Lee Hanson Lee Hanson says:

    to bad dude got hosed. her ad seemed sketchy af

  7. Maybe it’s her husband posting this lol.

  8. Daniel Enous Daniel Enous says:

    A woman falsely claiming domestic abuse……The sky is blue and grass is green

  9. Thats aweful…some people are so low

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