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One-bag garbage limit imposed

The fabulous city of Sudbury with it’s caring nature for citizen satisfaction is advising all, that commencing Oct 2019 they have decided to impose a 1 bag of trash per week limit for garbage pick up, regardless of the number of members in each household.

Being a person that resides alone, this doesn’t really affect me. Here’s what I’m trying to grasp. When I used to recycle I’d have tons of these large and small plastic produce containers (spinach, mixed leaves, tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries, boston lettuce…). And these are not recyclable. They are not recognized as such. Where do you think these go? Yeah, in the trash and they take up A LOT of SPACE. Imagine a family of 4, eating healthy as well.

They’re going to have 1 bag of trash per week? On what planet. Oh, but don’t worry. The city plans of selling TAGS. For you to have the privilege to put your trash to the curb for pick up. Tags. They`re going to sell the citizens some tags. For garbage collection. Imagine. And in a couple of years? They’ve announced they will no longer do weekly garbage collection. Only twice a month. Stick your garbage in your garage. If you don’t have one, too bad. For 2 weeks. When the bears come, it’ll be your fault. But PAY YOUR TAXES FOLKS. Should I say, PAY YOUR TAXES FOOLS.

How about you do your friggen job, city of Sudbury. How about that. Oh, and they’re getting “ready” for the volume of complaint calls they are anticipating in October. So they know they will be p****** people off. But they’re ready to go ahead anyways. That’s the spirit. Sort of the same kind of spirit of imposing shit ass roads on the citizens. And here they are, criticizing the content of your trash! Regardless whether you’re recycling or not.

Look after what’s your business, city of Sudbury. DO YOUR ASSIGNED JOB. Which is collecting the trash on a weekly timetable without reducing garbage collection from 2 bags to 1. You have no right to keep on doing whatever you please without consulting the citizens, on OUR DIME.
Selling tags indeed. Y’all need a tag to get your heads out of your *****. How bout that.



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  1. Canadians produce more garbage per capita than any other country on Earth.

  2. Adam Gareau Adam Gareau says:

    Maybe with the money they’ll save from not paying contractors as frequently for garbage collection, they can put that money back in to the cities road infrastructure and repair the roads that are causing massive damage to cars and causing motorcycles to have near fatal accidents. But wait, cant do that, that would make too much fucking sense. They cant give themselves massive annual pay raises and drive 6 figure city funded, tax write off cars if they did that.

  3. Time to get bigger bags.

  4. S.d. Lindsay S.d. Lindsay says:

    Your goal should be to live a life without producing garbage…..

  5. This doesn’t affect me since I also just have one full garbage bag.

  6. It’s all about money as they try to blind fold us to say it’s all about the environment… 2 bags every other week by 2021… how does that help the environment? That helps the city’s pockets by not paying a garbage man every week…

  7. Joe Mcdonald Joe Mcdonald says:

    Damn gonna be alot of illegal dumping

  8. People just need to use their common sense hello

  9. This already happens in Kenora Ontario about the garbage tags been for many years they do this so I have no problem to get the extra tags

  10. Leslie Dawn Leslie Dawn says:

    They donit in bigger cities.. but yeah we need to fix the recycling in this fucked city ..

  11. We have 6 people in my household, 2 in diapers. 1 bag a week is simply not enough room. I’m definitely not a fan of this proposal as I will have zero choice but buy tags. And we already recycle with 2 large recycle bins a week.

    • Christine T Christine T says:

      Ashleigh Frances Jean have you applied with the city for your diapers ? We are aloud to put our two bags of diapers not counting regular garbage. I have two in diapers also.

  12. Doesnt really affect me since I put out about one bag every two weeks. We’re only four adults living at our house. I think if I didnt want to compost or recycle anymore, it’s nice to know I have an option to purchase tags instead.

  13. It’s about time sudbury caught up with the rest

  14. Nancy Hache Nancy Hache says:

    im worried the people will just dump more garbage in forest and bushes, the little forest by my house in the west end is full of garbage already, grrr now they are going to dump more !!! and the city wont come and clean it up either

  15. Parrish Pst Parrish Pst says:

    People will also burn their garbage in outdoor fire pits and wood stoves,

  16. They will collect recycling and compost every week still – it just ends up being that you need to use compost and recycling more effectively. Lots of cities have this in place already and it works just fine.

  17. Tracy Baker Tracy Baker says:

    Or even better Tom Davies squar has a giant courtyard that is not used for anything that we pay for. How much garbage build up will it take for them to overturn this bullshit 1bag per household?

  18. Tracy Baker Tracy Baker says:

    No problem. Just put whatever you have over the 1 bag limit at your wards councilor driveway

  19. Jeff g says:

    people should just stop breeding for a while and give our planet a break, everyone seems to be concerned with climate change everywhere, carbon taxes, garbage.. etc but they keep pumping out babies like crazy…
    I fucking go nuts when I see a hybrid car with child sits in it…
    Listen – the planet does not need more humans right now and you are not helping with your happy facebook pictures of your precious retarded kids that were just born to contribute to this whole mess…
    People who make a decision not to have kids for the good cause should be rewarded!
    Fuck off

  20. Pete Dunlop Pete Dunlop says:

    Get ready for road side garbage dumping ! Seems today every thing is a tax grab from picking up garbage to the fucking carbon tax ! Next is the plastic tax and soda pop tax , when will it end ? Politicians cant seem to budget a balance and then pass the buck on to us the tax payer to clean up their fucking mess !

  21. I am in household with 3. Even when my daughter was in pull ups we did fine with 1 bag a week. Recycle and composte. Brake down garbage best as you can . Some weeks it will happen to have a bit more. But if u get used to everything u can composte and recycle shouldnt be to hard

  22. Jo Zee Jo Zee says:

    They’re not GOING to sell tags, they already do sell these tags. This is their way to bump up the sales. Pathetic money grab. Pay your taxes plus some for mediocre services.

  23. I can see a lot of people driving their garbage to dumpsters that businesses and apartment buildings pay to fill and have picked up. Living in an apartment, it’s just going to make it worse than it already is with people driving to dumpsters to dispose of their trash.

  24. That was a good comment…….I do not agree with a limit of 1 bag/week……..I also, DO NOT AGREE THAT YOU CAN CHARGE ME MONEY TO BUY “TAGS” TO ALLOW ME TO PUT MY GARBAGE TO THE CURB……….NOR the rest of the plan moving forward……We pay our taxes!…….for many years……..own up to it for us !!!

    • Lois Muncaster you might be outnumbered. Most people have embraced composting and recycling. You can do a large bag a week. Our landfills are getting full.

    • tell that to the idiots dumping their garbage in the bush… recycle my fucking ass!!

    • Jacky Montgrain I understand what you are saying…….and you are judging me wrongly……I do Recycle……..and to the best of my ability. I agree with recycling……….but it is wrong to take away my right to be able to put out 2 bags of garbage if I NEED to do so.

  25. Dean Farinha Dean Farinha says:

    Barrie did it years ago. Absolutely zero people died.

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