Shoutout Sudbury’s Top 15 Most Shared & Most Controversial Posts of Nov. 2016

Welcome! This is a list of Shoutout Sudbury’s most shared and most controversial posts of November 2016! This is a new thing I will be doing; tallying up all of the prior month’s posts to see which ones were most enjoyed by our users. It’s a nice way to kind of look back at what kinds of things make people talk the most, and which kinds of things will get people to share your post more frequently.

Thanks for taking a look. We hope you enjoy a good read that you may have missed out on last month! 😀

15 Most shared posts of November 2016:

  1. (652 shares) Candy Cane Cabbie Rides Again!!!
  2. (243 shares) Stolen from my Yard
  3. (229 shares) Hey Ladies, me again. This time it’s time to Face the Music : Woman don’t do Anything !
  4. (226 shares) Angry Red Truck
  5. (224 shares) What the Literal Fuck Schools & Parents?
  6. (167 shares) What does this mean?
  7. (167 shares) Disgusting Red Scarfs on City Posts
  8. (162 shares) Compensating?
  9. (137 shares) Strollers on the Bus.
  10. (121 shares) Warning to Motorists
  11. (121 shares) Don’t Buy anything from the Brick!!
  12. (120 shares) So Sudbury. How Long do you Stay in a Relationship Without Sex
  13. (120 shares) Anyone else fed up with the injustice in this city?
  14. (118 shares) Eastlink cell
  15. (108 shares) Major Retailers not Putting any Effort into the Christmas Spirit.

15 Most controversial posts of November 2016:

  1. (162 comments) Hey Ladies, me again. This time it’s time to Face the Music : Woman don’t do Anything ! (Also #3 most shared)
  2. (152 comments) What does this mean?  (Also #6 most shared)
  3. (127 comments) What the Literal Fuck Schools & Parents? (Also #5 most shared)
  4. (110 comments) Strollers on the Bus. (Also #9 most shared)
  5. (99 comments) So Sudbury. How Long do you Stay in a Relationship Without Sex (Also #13 most shared)
  6. (94 comments) Warning to Motorists (Also #11 most shared)
  7. (93 comments) Disgusting Red Scarfs on City Posts
  8. (81 comments) Don’t Depend on Operation Rednose !!!
  9. (75 comments) Compensating? (Also #8 most shared)
  10. (69 comments) Don’t Buy anything from the Brick!! (Also #10 most shared)
  11. (63 comments) Same Child with Lice at Cyril Varney!
  12. (60 comments) This can not be acceptable!
  13. (59 comments) We need Uber
  14. (57 comments) Loud Blonde
  15. (57 comments) Yes, I am Fat

As your admin, I want to express one final thought. I wanted to take a moment to just thank you all for being a part of this community, and for making it what it is.

We’ve just surpassed 25,000 followers on Facebook the other day, and have over 700+ followers on our Twitter account as well!

I hope that everyone enjoy’s their Christmas and Holiday season, and that things start off on a good note in 2017! Cheers. 🙂 — Jody Mitoma



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