Best place to meet middle aged people

Like apparently all the semi young people only hang out at bars, I fucking hate bars, I dislike drinking and I don’t know where else to go.

I went to go into Starbucks with my 3 kids and felt completely out of place.

I just wanna go somewhere I can meet people my own age (26) that doesn’t involve drugs or alcohol, thank you.



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  1. Percy P. says:

    I must reiterate, middle age is more 40-50 ish… so you may be looking for the wrong demographic. Wish I could help, but I can only think of joining a club, or dance classes.

  2. Nickers says:

    Twenty six is not middle aged, dear.

    And with an attitude like that, you probably won’t be happy anywhere you go.

    Best of luck to you.

    • Anonymous says:

      You suck. Dear. With an attitude like that, maybe let someone else with a little more positivity try to encourage a youngin`. Who`s at least trying to find his/her way. Into a nicer scene. No need to judge. You don`t know what they`re about. So best of luck to you Snickers. 26, 3 kids. Mm. With your kids, public library works. Look at programs that are offered. Other programs, like swimming lessons for kids works. Always other parents wanting to watch their kids learn. For yourself, depends what you like!! No need to feel out of place ANYWHERE. Make it your place. You belong where you choose to belong. Mind over matter. It`s called being independent, determined and self-sufficient.

      • Nickers says:

        Good reply. A bit sharp, but that’s OK. Just like life, people on the internet often don’t have any filter. That’s what I was trying to convey. Life is not roses and peaches and cream. It can be tough. You have to make it what you want to be.

        Your personality might be the very thing preventing you from seeing the change you want to see. It’s not an easy thing to see, and then later, admit. But for a lot of people it’s the fundamental root of a lot of life’s issues.

        You choosing to come on here and attack me while trying to defend a little snowflake…. just proves my point.

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