Best place to get my eyebrows done?

I’m looking for a good place to get my eyebrows waxed and tinted.



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  1. I was really impressed with Sephora!

  2. Best place is to go to Sephora and see Sarah Foster at the Benefit Brow Bar! She is fabulous and will make you feel the same!!!!!

  3. Jurnee Wendy Jurnee Wendy says:

    Studio A Makeup Artistry—by Amber Lynn there’s literally no comparison!!! She’s unreal!!

  4. Definitely Sephora!! I see Sarah there and she’s amazing 🙂

  5. Sephora! Sarah and Jessica are both amazing.

  6. Studio A Makeup Artistry- by Amber Lynn. Hands down best brow artist! ❤❤

  7. Lianne at talk of the town

  8. I go to Sephora and see Jessica!!

  9. Al Manion Al Manion says:

    Dean’s House of Lady of the Night Fashions, Tattoo Cover-ups, Eyebrow Sculpting and Colouring, and Discount Vasectomies

    Don’t for get to ask about the Shoutout Discount and loyalty program 🙂

  10. Kiara Hagen Kiara Hagen says:

    Nova at Nova Alexandra she’s the best

  11. I specialize in tinting and henna brows ☺️✨ check out my work on my business page !

  12. Dai Gaudreau Dai Gaudreau says:

    Studio A Makeup Artistry—by Amber Lynn

  13. Classic Image Skin Care & Day Spa

  14. Nicole LeBel Nicole LeBel says:

    She was co owner of the the brow bar but ventured off on her own!!!.
    Shes truly the best in TOWN, wouldnt go anywhere else.
    Shes the first person to not mess up my brows
    She specializes in brows from wax,tinting, microblading and more 🙂

  15. Chantal Leduc where do you go??:) I remembered u went yesturday. Maybe u can help this person ^^ out haha (this ain’t me but eye brows to thin for that haha

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