Being played for a fool and needing to vent

He played me for a fool more then once . Not only did he play me for a fool for years . He pretended to love me , not only did he play me for a fool , but he pretended to love me in front of my family . Like it was a big show he was putting on .

One year for Christmas he came to my moms house to be with me . We played cards and we laughed and had a great time , he was kissing me and saying he loved me in front of everyone . And yes it may be half of my own fault for falling for his lies . When he would say he loved me or that he couldn’t picture his life without me in it . I fell for it all the time . For years even . But now when I think about all the lies and he playing me . I cut myself because I want to feel different pain then the one he put me through . So yes I may have scars on my arms maybe for ever . But I have a scar on my heart that I think will never heal . I never want to feel that pain again and I still feel it every day .

I am sorry to anyone who may be going Through the same thing , but I have no one to talk to because I have 0 friends who understand what I went through



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  1. Anonymous says:

    @brock…. you sir are one sick puppy! I read your comments all the time. You never offer words of sympathy or anything helpful. Stop thinking like an arrogant, sociopath!!! Nothing nice to say? Keep your shit mouth closed. Pls and thank you

  2. Anonymous says:

    Please stop allowing him to occupy space in your head. You are worth much more than this. Take back your control. You need to find a way to believe you’re worth the effort of working through this issue. Cutting yourself is temporary pain release with permanent scarring. Please stop self harming. There are some excellent therapists out there who can help you. Stay safe

  3. Brock says:

    Let’s face it, it takes two to tango. You were likely a huge disappointment in his eyes or he would still be with you. The problem with overbearing women like you is that you tend to suffocate your guy, then blame him for no longer caring.
    Cut yourself if it makes you feel better, I am sure that his scars are deeper than yours.

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