Being alone

I was out at a local establishment the other night, having a beer and some wings…. By myself. I got up to go to the washroom and a table of people whom I kind of know, were talking about me being by myself. How sad that is. How I must have no friends.

Think what you want but I do have friends, I have a girlfriend. I am just comfortable enough with myself to be by myself. I can go out and enjoy a beer and some wings in a public place by myself. It doesn’t mean I’m a loser like you might think. It says more about you not being able to do anything by yourself than it does about me.

I will go to a movie by myself, a concert even. I truly don’t care haha. I work a different schedule than a lot of the people in my life and find myself with alone time. And I cherish it.


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  1. Gregg Hill Gregg Hill says:

    I would almost believe the “I love being alone” thing were it not for the fact that you then felt the need to get on the computer and tell a bunch of random strangers all about it. Busted.

  2. I do it all the time ….lol
    Ignore them…..

  3. Jeff Valentini a rare find these days. Not many people can say they enjoy their own company

  4. Ok. Let me tell you I do most of activities by myself. I’m at the point where I couldn’t care less what people think of my actions. I go to the movies alone, I go out to dinner alone, just like you did. A while back I did a long week of overtime and I went to Overtime for some drinks and wings by myself on the Friday at like 9pm. It was amazing and peaceful with live music too. No rush for nothing, took my time and unwind. I go to the gym alone, I’ve been to PLENTY of live music shows/concerts alone. Concerts can always be fun with company but you know what, you have that freedom. You can stand anywhere you want, drink however you want, you don’t have to cater to no one. I went to London last year for 3 days completely on my own to Rock the Park and I loved it. I’m going back this year-still on my own. You get to enjoy the music you love and you do meet and interact with others and you connect cause you both have that thing in common-the music. So bottom line, do whatever the hell you want and f*ck what others think. I’m extremely comfortable doing things on my own. I love it.

  5. My sister was manager at the ski hill in blue mountain ..

  6. There are people who love being alone and then there are people like me who need others

  7. Marquise Seguin Yes everything changes , sending you strength, hold your head up girl and carry on!!!

  8. Summer Ross Summer Ross says:

    I love this! I used to do the same so I totally agree. Good for you!! Loving yourself enough to enjoy your own company isn’t a crime!

  9. I do this often!!! I don’t care what anyone thinks!

  10. Sometimes it’s nice to go out and meet new people even for us strong-minded solos. To have a good conversation, etc..

    Lots of members in this group like that:

  11. Linda says:

    Good on you. As you can see, a lot of people can relate. Whereas some people can`t imagine what they could possibly do by themselves to pass the time lol. Different personalities, different needs.

  12. Matthew Shaw Matthew Shaw says:

    i cherish my alone time too 🙂

  13. Gary Julie right?!? Like just quiet please. No unnecessary noise, questions, nothing just silence

  14. One day those young grasshoppers might realize the mental health that some alone time can give you….

  15. How rude of them. What are they 5yrs old?

  16. The table gossiping about you not having friends instead of inviting you to sit them is worse off than you sitting by yourself. Let the trolls hang together.

  17. I love my husband and my kids and I have great friends but I also love the (rare) occasion of having time on my own, at home or out and about.

  18. There are a lot of people that aren’t comfortable with alone time.

  19. I do a lot of things on my own!
    This way, I don’t have to worry about the other if they are comfortable , if they want to leave or stay longer.
    Don’t have to rely on anybody!
    I was always independent and still are now.

  20. Matt Frawley Matt Frawley says:

    I use to fear going out alone and going places alone. Now sometimes i prefer it, i just talk to randoms as i motor alone. Travelling for work to new towns and cities you have no choice sometimes. I dined out today for lunch, alone. I dont even think twice about it, if i want to go out to drink, ill go out to drink by myself. At 20 i would always need ppl with me in my mis 30’s i have no issues.

  21. Matt Frawley Matt Frawley says:

    i have zerp issue gpoing any where alone

  22. Tami Scott Tami Scott says:

    I think it says more about the people who had nothing better to talk about during dinner than a random stranger than it does about you.

  23. Same here. And sometimes you meet interesting people.

  24. Nothing wrong with taking yourself out once in awhile. Sometimes you just need to be alone. Not have to make small talk. Enjoy a movie. Etc.

  25. Wow alot more women on here than men ..YUP , WERE STRONG . I’m not putting any men down ,I’m sure there’s alot of single men out there . I’d like to know where . Lol ..

  26. Ryan Duval Ryan Duval says:

    Jeff Valentini 100% this

  27. Ginger May Ginger May says:

    Omg who cares if youre alone?! I LOVE being alone.

  28. There is nothing wrong with doing things alone. Own it! People that choose to gossip about you aren’t worth your time. Alone time is great!

  29. Ann Sloss Ann Sloss says:

    I go to festivals alone all the time.I get to do what I want and not have to worry about anybody elses shit!I have met so many cool people this way.Riding solo!

  30. Amy Winn Amy Winn says:

    Well said….. nothing wrong with having “ME” time
    It’s how we grow and re group

  31. I do things alone since my husband passed away and I am very comfortable with my own company keep doing what you feel comfortable doing others don’t matter

  32. good on you man !! im the same. Im definitely okay going for supper alone, or a film, or for a drink.. spot on that their judgment says more about them than you !

  33. I have a large family with 5 kids, and two of them are younger, so my wife and I never get to go on vacation togther, just her and I. We do the family vacation every year, but we never get downtime for just us, so her and I each take our own vacation alone every alternating year and we’ll do that until the youngest kids are old enough for us to go together.

    There is nothing more empowering or liberating than a solo vacation far away from home. I can’t explain it, you’d have to experience for yourself. From my point of view, never being alone gives me a different perspective when I get some “me” time. But, “the grass is always greener on the other side” as the saying goes.

  34. Colin Amer Colin Amer says:

    I do this exact same thing sometimes. I work odd hours as well, and sometimes I just wanna go to the Dogouse and eat some wings and have a beer before I head home. It’s actually pretty nice.

  35. Who cares what others think. Wearing pink will never change those types of shallow people !

  36. Don’t ever change how you are because of what people think of you.. They are the ones with issues not you!!

  37. I love alone time. Nothing wrong with that.

  38. Leslie Chow Leslie Chow says:

    Most people today can’t do shit alone. So who is the losers now.

  39. Micheal Newman I take my son all the time too. It’s nice to not be in a mc donalds for dinner and have a proper meal cooked for the two of us to spend time together

  40. Who cares what others think ?? You are happy and comfortable having alone time good for you !! My hat off to u !!!

  41. Right !! I want that too lol this sounds fantastic

  42. See I may of got lucky but I been taking my daughter for dinner dates for ever. Like when she was 3 or 4 I took her to milestones.

  43. I love doing things by myself ❤

  44. I’m the same way buddy. Use to stop at plaza on Bancroft for few beers and that by myself. They got nothing else better to do. Cheers

  45. Then be comfortable enough with yourself not to justify on here what you do on your time. Just saying

  46. I love being by myself.
    At least I don’t have to gossip and judge other people like your friends

  47. I use to get mad when my hubby said he enjoyed his time alone and away from me…i thought it sounded really offensive towards me until i needed a day alone…i now get it…i have anxiety and depression so its a constant battle and i let my thoughts go most days and spark up a panic attack or a “blue” day…but alone time is amazing..

  48. Totally agree. Alone time is nice ..

  49. It definitely says a lot about them, and it’s in this very sense that I see no point in friends. All they do is talk about you.
    And, you hearing these folks you “kinda” know talk about you is a prime example of that.
    You’re lucky if you can find the rare one that is truly a friend.
    So, being alone is better.
    And, even if you had no friends why would there be shame in that?
    I don’t really have friends and that’s just the way it is. I’m ok with that.
    Kudos to you for taking it upon yourself to get out there on your own and do things. Screw what others think.

  50. Dean Farinha Dean Farinha says:

    I go to concerts alone.

  51. So many are insecure and need people around to make them feel like they belong. Those are same people in miserable relationship afraid to leave.

  52. People can be so immature , if you feel comfortable going out alone , Good 4 You and doesn’t mean you are a loser for going out alone

  53. If your comfortable enough to take yourself on dates you are the definition of good mental health and self confidence/self esteem. I love this post !
    It’s good to surround yourself with friends and family but sometimes you need time to yourself.

  54. I always take myself out. It’s a good sign. ❤

  55. Sounds like those people are insecure. I find you often can get more out of experiences if you go by yourself.

  56. Right on bro !! I’m alone in life no wife no kids and I’m alone alot ..I have a few cherished friends I do socalize with but the most part I’m alone .and like u its not cuz I’m a loser with no family or friends it’s cuz I choose this way .I’m also comfortable being alone works for me ..only thing I don’t do is go out to a movie alone !that’s to much eyes on me ..why is buddy at movies alone? Lol ya no I avoid that scene! But hey I’m happy alone your happy alone just means we can stand in life on our own and still be nice guys ..not losers! BTW how were the wings??? Lol

  57. Tyler Gagnon Tyler Gagnon says:

    Being a trucker it used to be a way of life while I did long haul, eat dinner by yourself, watch the nascar race or a movie by yourself, it’s funny the look you get from the waitress at a family restaurant when you’re looking for a table for one.

  58. Thank you i just got inspired

  59. I do everything alone , I’m friendly, so I talk to everyone ..I have friends that I hang out with occasionally , no one sucks the life out of me .. Lol

  60. JD Tait JD Tait says:

    I think you should be proud of it. I love doing that. There is something romantically noir about sitting alone drinking. I feel like I’m a detective in a 1940s crime drama. It’s awesome!

  61. I do lots of things alone. You nailed it when you said their judgment says more about them. Most people are too insecure to be alone even socially. Their issue, not yours! Alone does not equal lonely.

  62. Tanya Werden Tanya Werden says:

    They’re sad because they can’t be alone with themselves. You do you!

  63. I love doing things on my own! It’s so peaceful.

  64. I go alone places. People will talk to me, sit with me and sometimes make fun of me. I just laugh too. Then they are confused. I like that.

    Especially to the movies or to eat.

  65. What a sad and boring life they must have if they need to talk about you to entertain themselves…they’re the losers lol

  66. Brea Dlj Brea Dlj says:

    Good for you .. I do the same and I have a boyfriend ..I love having alone time ..

  67. Mandi Clarke Mandi Clarke says:

    Love this post. It’s so true. So many people won’t just do “me” time. Go to a movie or out for supper at a table (not fast food) by themselves. I’m guilty of this. But I’ve definitely thought about it. Lol. Maybe I should. 🙂

  68. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    It’s because you’ve grown up and they haven’t. Life goes on they are stuck. Walk on.

  69. I don’t mind taking myself out at all. If anything it takes confidence to be able to do that

  70. My husband is the same. He has friends but he is comfortable enough with himself to go out alone too.

  71. John Brown John Brown says:

    People who are secure and comfortable with themselves, don’t worry what others think. Close but no cigar.

  72. Being comfortable alone is a sign of good mental health. Plus, how nice is it when you wanna leave, you can. You want another platter, why not. No one is waiting on you. It’s fantastic.

  73. Jen Bertrand Jen Bertrand says:

    I been to every festival last year all by myself and I don’t mind . It doesn’t make me a loser. And it’s ok to have time for yourself. They are just jealous maybe they don’t have time for themselves.

  74. If you can enjoy your own company others will enjoy you even more . Good on you to have the confidence to do things on your own. You don’t need anyone to have a good time! Ps the others were just jealous because they really didn’t want to be with their company and were wishing they were alone! Haha!

  75. Mike Malette Mike Malette says:

    Good for you. Plus less bullshit

  76. Bob Bertrand Bob Bertrand says:

    They are the ones that are insecure. What kind of adult teases another about this? They needing constant reassurance…. they probably cry after sex too.

  77. Lisa Hill Lisa Hill says:

    Being alone is completely different than being lonely. I’m a huge advocate of alone time. Sometimes, you just need some time to regroup and have peace. ✌️

  78. Carol Pitre Carol Pitre says:

    Who cares what people think, let them talk. Do what makes you happy and the hell with the rest. Your giving them exactly what they want by letting them get to you. Seems some people still need to grow up.

  79. I used to love going to the movies by myself. It was my favorite thing to do

  80. Chelsy Kozub Chelsy Kozub says:

    I love going out by myself.

  81. Jason Bailey Jason Bailey says:

    I hear ya . Alone time is some of the best time

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