Be embarrassed Sudbury !!

People from Sudbury you are the laughing stock of the province . Go to any town mention Sudbury and get ready for the insults ,,,,, even though they are all true !

Yes we know the driving part =true !!
Very unwelcoming to new comers true,,,, either the men want to fight em or the women or jealous.
How we take years to decide on arena = true
How ridiculous our city council is and we do nothing =true
How we believe everything the government tells us even though they are known liars=true
How we wanted a northern bubble during covid,, but when our numbers went through the roof we got awfully quiet=true
How every city has thousands protesting the lockdown,, we get a few ( unfortunately for us it’s all unemployed uneducated people running our protest so I see why lol)= true
We are laughing stocks of the province and don’t blame them !!

I’ve never seen a city that would allow a city council and mayor such as we have and do absolutely nothing about it. Rents are ridiculous the cost of living here ridiculous and the people here lazy and just put up with whatever but sure have a lot to say . Too bad in Sudbury lots of talkers but no doers . Just letting you know you’re all a joke ,,,and not liked or deemed intelligent in any city big or small in this province!!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey remember that guy who tried to stand up for himself over police brutality here, and once the footage made it to the courtroom, the judge fined the plaintiff and threatened him with jail time?

    Corrupt is as corrupt does.

    Welcome to the nickel, Chuckles.

    • Anonymous says:

      thats exactly how it is up. in the last 5 years there have been well over 150 incidents of beatings by police, i see 2 or 3 in the news.

      when people try to fight back, they end up jailed or worse.

  2. Sock Boy says:

    What about Canada? We are a joke on the world stage. I sure am embarrassed!

    • Anonymous says:

      Canada is being sold out to Asians by Trudeau…In 25 years our culture will be gone

      • anonymous says:

        By Trudeau? LMFAO. We’ve been subservient to China for 30 + years.Everyone followed the walmart gameplan and started selling cheap chinese goods. Canadian consumers ate it up. Any retailer who kept selling more expensive Canadian made products either went under or started selling the same shit.Our manufacturing base naturally eroded to the point we can’t even make our own vaccines.Quit blaming government and look in the mirror.How many items do you own with a Made in Canada tag?We , the consumers ,had a choice at one point, Not any more.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is this,,,, what happens when the police bust up the,,, fetty houses ,,!!??? Go back,, to whatever,,,, place you came from,,. Just because,, everyone laughs at you,,, doesn’t mean the whole,, town is dumb !! This post ,, litterally,, applies to every city..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wah wah wah the op needs some cheese with their whine fo sho

  5. anonymous says:

    You are full of shit. Go to any town ,especially in southern on.,mention Sudbury and you get blank stares.99 per cent of non residents have no clue about this town. Many couldn’t even tell you where it is.Also all the anti mask protesters, in every town, look like losers. You’re projecting your own issues.

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