Be careful on the roads

To start this off, I would post this on my personal account but I want this to reach as many people as possible.

Please be careful out on the roads, I am a young driver and I’ve already almost been hit by reckless drivers several times. I always try to follow the rules of the road to the best of my ability. When you’re on the road please remember to check your blind spots before changing lanes, and stop at stop signs(they’re there for a reason). The snow is coming and many more new drivers will be on the road soon, remember that we are new and if we are just going the speed limit it’s not to annoy you we’re learning. Driving with snow on the road may be new to some. Please control your road rage, it isn’t worth tailgating me.

Remember, we all have a reason to go home. I don’t expect everyone to be perfect drivers.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    In this city, it’s often best to slow right now to a crawl if you have someone tailing you too long. Eventually they will get tired and pass you (sometimes on curb, but what can you do?) Stick to the right lane if you want to drive slower than the limit, people will pass you and not be irritated.

  2. anonymous says:

    Good Post! Drivers do need to chill. Not everyone is as experienced or “talented” as you think you are.They also have a right to the road. Tailgating in the right lane is definitely uncool.

  3. Career driver. says:

    I’m from Sudbury now in Ottawa. Im a commercial driver. Sudbury drivers are aggressive. Zipper merge is out the door. Following too close in the right lane is an issue. Zero consideration for the novice driver. People are distracted and in a hurry because the didn’t factor weather conditions and possible accidents. The driver conduct is better out here in Ottawa. I’ve driven in other large cities with the exception of downtown Toronto where there’s lots of driver aggression. Please be safe out there.

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