Recently I was told my barber no longer works at the barber shop.

Does anyone know a barber who is good at fades and doesn’t work out of their dirty basement?



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  1. Matt Frawley Matt Frawley says:

    There is barbers in the basement never heard of this

  2. Kelly Jane Kelly Jane says:

    The Barber Shop is amazing!! Super talented barbers. Maybe your barber went there! Give them a call, they’ll have their second location open this coming week in the south end and are fully functioning out of their new Sudbury location.

  3. Shadoe Pren Shadoe Pren says:

    The Barber Shop on Lasalle .

  4. Will at the Refinery downtown

  5. Cat A Turpin Cat A Turpin says:

    Private Barber very clean and fades are on point!

  6. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    Go see Benita Dellelce charm plus doesn’t need to be a barber per
    Say but someone who is awesome

  7. Private Barber absolutely amazing man. ..

  8. Colin Amer Colin Amer says:

    I’ve been going to The Refinery for a while now. They do solid work. Mind you, all I ever get is a simple cut with some clippers on the sides and back.

  9. Don Guay Don Guay says:

    In your bathroom Down the hall

  10. Tiffany J Hillock at charm plus

  11. Doug Bies Doug Bies says:

    Is “dirty basement” a euphemism for ________?

  12. The Violet Barber in the south end

  13. Mathew The Barber .. Mathew Psrker

  14. Cam at Collective Haus on Elm

  15. There two on Lasalle, on is hemlock barbers I believe across from smiths and the other is in the strip mall with positive inceptions

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