Bad Sudbury Drivers

I’m sick and tired of the terrible drivers we have here in Sudbury and I think it’s about time we shame these idiots.

Check out our new page and submit your videos and together we can call out the morons.



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  2. Lori Pierini Lori Pierini says:

    140 on the 400 in fast lane and car in front of you brakes ??? Not just Sudbury ..but lately some close calls… distracted driving!!!

  3. Dave Baker Dave Baker says:

    If people would just realize Walmart is open till 10pm, they all wouldn’t have to be in a rush to get there.

  4. Don Guay Don Guay says:

    If you all stop complaining you might be more aware of your surroundings. Most drivers pay too much time on their own driving. Be aware of the cars behind, on the sides and in front of you. It’s called defensive driving. Use all mirrors often, follow speed limits., stop cursing at the guy driving too slow in the left lane. If you can’t handle pressure,maybe you should take a bus.
    Take your time, you can’t control the other drivers but we can be ready for them.
    Drive Safe !!!

  5. Here’s a question. What is everyone using for a dash cam???

  6. “Morons” that’s my word… lol
    I’ve had 2 close calls within the last 2 weeks.. Same intersection. One, garbage truck decided to turn left as I was coming through the intersection, I had to break, honk, and swerve around the nose of the truck as to not hit head on. (I assume he was focused on the vehicle in the right lane still sitting at the green light on their phone, and figured if they aren’t moving, they will go… failing to notice me at all).
    yesterday, I was in the right lane, and as I’m going through the intersection, a car is merging into my lane from Lasalle, nearly side swiping me, again, I had to honk and move over as to not be hit. Now if people can’t see a silver car, how safe are those on motorcycles? It’s scary how unaware drivers are. And no this is not my post, but I definitely agree with it.

  7. Wether bad drivers are everywhere you go or not, it’s unsafe and the law should be stricter on the laws. Just yesterday I was side swiped while biking to work. Person in the vehicle never stopped, nothing. I lost a day of work and am now bruised down my entire right side. All because someone couldn’t pay attention!

  8. I have lived all over Canada and sudbury is the worst for bad drivers

  9. Jim Stefanko III, you probably have terabytes to contribute

  10. Maggie Bite Maggie Bite says:

    Try Barrie drivers.

  11. I don’t need a Facebook group…I live it every day

  12. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    I put dash Cams in all
    My vehicles to protect myself and the public

  13. So grown up. Get a life.

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