Baby Ferret

Does anyone kmow of somewhere or someone that sells baby ferrets? My husband and I want to get one, but don’t know where to look. Petsmart doesn’t sell them. Looking for maybe a breeder or someone local. Willing to travel.



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  1. JD Tait JD Tait says:

    That little place by Eddie’s in the south end usually has some. Can’t remember what it’s called.

  2. ?? Ferrets are like long rats????

  3. There’s a pet store on Kathleen St, maybe?

  4. Adam Read it’s an even more dangerous class of cat-snake. Best of both worlds 😉

  5. You should get two because they don’t do good alone.

  6. I hope my life never comes to the point where I look at my significant other and say, geeze you know what our life needs to be even shittier? A baby ferret!

  7. Laura Fay Laura Fay says:

    Make sure you research them. I have 2 (easier than having 1 believe it or not.) I would also suggest getting a ferret bred by Marshalls out of Quebec. They come with their papers, shots, de-scented (as much as they can be in a safe manner), neutered/spayed etc.

  8. Drake White Drake White says:

    Northern exotics places orders for them periodically throughout the year.

    You may be on a waiting list for a bit and there is a deposit for them

  9. Northern Exotics just did an order for them. They would be the people to ask, they’re great there helping me with my exotic critters

  10. Katie James Katie James says:

    Try and call northern exotics

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