Awwww the little babies are happy because their hero Dougie Wougie locked us down again to protect us from the big scawie viwus because the vaxie waxie won’t workie workie!




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  1. Maureen Marsaw Jones says:

    I thinks it’s safe to say…the vaccine doesn’t work! You can see this by the vast majority of the aged in the old age homes that have been double and triple vaccinated and still getting COVID! It is preventative ONLY. It’s pretty sad when the government threatens and fires workers for NOT getting vaccinated then turn around and say COVID positive workers can now work…elsewhere in their environment. How typical is that! Talking out both sides of their face again. The only way to conquer it is to shut down the world period. For how long? Lets try 3 weeks first. No travel etc. Ghost town, as before. Essential services only. Is it going to hurt the economy? Of course it will. What’s been going on for the last 2 years, hurts too!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bang on! Doomsday preppers don’t seem so crazy anymore. They have always said the biggest threat to our ways of life would come from within….as for the chindip OP you are way off the mark. Doug is conservative he is just following orders and vast majority of the lockdown worshippers are libbies so saying their hero doug is kinda a conflict of interest. Sadly conservative in Chinada is still left of center totally different then conservative in the US. They are PC here how can you call yourself progressive and conservative in the same name? In the states there are progressive democrats,(our libs alt left) democrats very few left(manchin) rino repubs, true repubs and conservatives.

  3. Ymir says:

    You know, it’s all fun and games now.
    But you have the prime minister calling anti-vaxxers racist. You have doctors (Ameil J Joesph) and media publishers (Bruce Anderson) Calling for forced vaccination.

    You have Macron in france openly saying he’s going to piss off the anti-vax crowd, make life difficult.

    So if you don’t have any plans now for a worst case scenario i suggest you make some.

    I’m under the belief that this covid situation is a man made event, given the global protests all through 2019 from the American george floyd riots to the hong kong situation and everywhere in between.

    You have U.S Generals warning of a coup. (And you did see the storming of the capital)

    I don’t care which wing you cheerlead for left or right.
    But you have to be blind to not see whats coming.

    Your being played, both sides are playing you, both sides are pitting you against one another.

    And just like any conflict in the past, you’ll be the cannon fodder for their agenda. (The Great Reset)

    It won’t be them fighting, it’ll be the plebs while their secreted away some place safe and cozy.

    If you haven’t made plans… should.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The miasma is spreading, I fear it is too late for the original poster. Baby talk is a sign of late stage dimentia brought on by this foul disease. Put on your beak masks and make sure to fill it with fresh potpourri around this one or you too shall succumb to the noxious air going about.

  5. Anonymous says:

    No doubt what a dip shit and I’m personally against the mandates but that right there is just pathetic.

  6. Anonymous says:

    did they feed the “vaxine” to you through you’re forehead? think they might have hit something…