Autism programs changes

A few points to ponder in relation to the hot topic of Ontario changing up the “Autism Program”

Nothing is perfect and changes should always be made when new better ways are found, but funding should not be cut at all in any way in relation to this problem. Autism cases and numerous child problems are rising, that is unmistakingly noticeable, and these members of society need help to live as well as possible.

But where is the outcry of demanding an answer to why cases are rising??. Where is the demand for research as to what is going wrong to cause so many sick children.??

We see blue ribbons and posts for acceptance and understanding and yes….that part is a given, but where is push for turning the graph line around and having more children be healthy. Perhaps Ontario and Canada should lead the way in searching for answers as incident rates are higher here for many things.

Can’t help but wonder that if any family receiving government (taxpayer) assistance for their child, should be required to partake in studies and research to try and make some correlations, some headway, some concrete solutions and answers to how and why.

No our child is not Autistic, but this is everyone’s business as children are all ours as a society, and we are all taxpayers,..and i’m pretty sure communities/provinces/countries accel when they are healthy and happy, and not burdened.

We tried our best in ways we believed to protect our child from the growing number of cases of Autism, ADHD, ADD, SIDS, IBS, Allergies..etc etc etc… and weather certain options were more expensive or more difficult or more risky, it was done, as to not knowing what the golden ticket was… and it produced glowing results in a child who’s accelling and worst affliction is an odd sneeze. So why should parents who give 110% also be on the hook tax wise for the growing number of children with problems because their parents gave 10%. This is a society problem and one that could be cured with answers, so adults giving less of an effort may have the golden ticket. So again, why do doctors and governments not put enough energy and money into finding a cure for the problem over just accepting it as the new norm and dealing with it.



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  1. Some butt hurt parents are going to read to much into what your saying because they have a hard time being objective. I understand what your saying and to a certain extent I would agree. That if parents want funding then participation in a study that may help several lives would be necessary. As long as it’s not to invasive. I think anyone participating in any government funded programs should be required to give back in some way or another.

  2. I don’t want the burden of your health care or tax benefits either OP

  3. We know why: increased population + hereditary + better diagnosis tools + environment issues like food and air quality and lastly stress during pregnancy.

  4. Nice to see that when you make an impassioned and bang-on point refuting someone’s post claiming that autism allegedly gets more attention than the issue that they advocate, that they can just simply delete their post and down the memory hole it goes.

  5. What a shame that the few legitimately credible points you made are negated by your feeling of being “burdened as a taxpayer” or suggesting some parents didn’t “give enough percentage in parental duties”. I’m not sure what YOUR “golden ticket” is, but research is being done. Autism is but one of many, many critical medical puzzles facing our children, but nowhere is it cited that children on the spectrum are a burden.

    • Matthew Kett Matthew Kett says:

      Would you rather an autistic child or a healthy normal child? Healthy obviously….why? Cuz the other would cause…..burden perhaps

      Just looked up the deffinition and yes it fits.

      Burden- heavy load, or heavy responsibility, strain

    • Matthew, in my experience, there is a not so subtle distinction between raising a child with challenges and the concept of ANY child being considered a “burden”.

  6. You are one ignorant asshole. Do you truly believe that because you feel you are a good parent and that is why your child is not autistic? I’ve honestly never in my life read something so incredibly ignorant and idiotic. I hope no one in your extended family has a disability because with the way you think, I would never show up to Christmas dinner, your too perfect for me

  7. If you honestly think that someone’s child has autism because they only gave 10%, YOU are part of the problem. Shame on you. That’s gross.

  8. Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

    The Papcg Sudbury are pushing for all these demands. Send them a message and they will get back to you asap. Please everyone this is no joke!

  9. You have good points. Although it’s ignorant to assume autism parents aren’t giving 110%. In my opinion they give more.

    • Walk in their shoes. Then make your comments!

    • Bart Jardine Bart Jardine says:

      I know i had to read this twice to ensure i knew what the words were saying, and i believe it was meant as parents who don’t give 110 % to prevent childhood problems in the first place. Parents of autistic children deff have to give 200%, you see it everyday at school, in the grocery store, at the rec centre, etc…

    • Kim Parker Kim Parker says:

      Bart Jardine I agree. I don’t think the OP meant they aren’t really trying as parents. I;m not sure about this, but correct me if I’m wrong. Is it not true that when the worker comes to work with the autistic child that their is always a parent at home? Don’t just down my throat here, but if a parent has been watching the worker with their child for years, would it not be possible for the mom or dad to take over the same hours as the worker and work with their child in the same way the worker did? It’s pretty basic things they are doing to get the child to interact. It’s not like they are doing calculus. Or perhaps the gov can pay for sessions for the parents for a month in away of a teaching the parents a fast course that these workers take in order to work with your kids.

    • Tessa Tibo Tessa Tibo says:

      Autism can indeed be reversed if it is done in a timely manner….diet is very important please read Sally Fallons article from the Weston Price foundation…. but remember you have to put in the work..NOT DEPEND ON OTHERS IR THE Government…just sayin’

    • No Tessa, autism cannot be “reversed”; all therapy and other means (such as diet) can do is help alleviate the effects, not “reverse” it.

    • Tessa Tibo Tessa Tibo says:

      You are wrong please look I to it, been done but it has to be while the child is still young

    • Kris Parnell Kris Parnell says:

      no, it cannot be reversed. You quite literally cannot, at this stage of science, rebuild the human brain to that degree.

      And as for the Weston price foundation, they’re also a bunch of whacks who support the “vaccines cause autism” nonsense. No credibility there

    • Bart Jardine Bart Jardine says:

      Damage done from being poisoned is not reversable….and vax are somewhere at the top of that poison list.

    • Bart Jardine Bart Jardine says:

      Kim parker you are on to something there. But i have a feeling that most parents will say i cant do that, and spend an hour starring at their phone during todays ontario gov paid session.

    • Bart Jardine Bart Jardine says:

      Kris Parnell what do you think causes autism? Or is it just some random thing?

    • Bart Jardine Bart Jardine says:

      Dennis lebrew i have read of personal account stories of parents who witnessed and realized the regression after a round of vaccines and said no more…went on a hard regimen to get the poison out and between that and simply being young growing and healing…the symptoms went away. There is slight chance for improvement or almost complete disssapearance of symptons, if the right things are done and Early! But if your baby has been cranky winey collicky picky ill etc for a period of time and you go back for the next round of shots….guess what

    • Kris Parnell Kris Parnell says:

      The brain is quite literally different, have you ever seen an eeg of a “normal” brain vs an autism brain? I have, not the same in the slightest

      So to make such an arrogant statement such as “change your diet” and congrats you’re home free is a piss off to say the slightest. Diet is a good way to reduce certain issues but it’s absolute bullshit to say it in any way reverses autism

    • Bart Jardine Bart Jardine says:

      The poison food they feed us here in North America could be one of the factors for sure..whats in a person when becoming preggo all the way through and what your baby eats from day 1. Gmo’s and pesticides are not healthy to be in your food.

    • Bart Jardine Bart Jardine says:

      So i guess you believe that Autism is total hit n miss, with no correlation between symptons and possible exposures. What do you think causes a young child to unfortunately have their life changed for the worse and become Autistic

    • Bart Jardine Bart Jardine says:

      Does it make you feel like its your fault when you think of all the possible contributing factors that you allowed into your life. I find its usually why heads get burried.

  10. What about awareness and funding for babies born with chd ? There is so many babies and kids dying from that and no one bats an eye , yes there’s not a lot of programs for child with autism but atleast they don’t die from it.

    • Because the parents with children who have autism fought to hell and back for many years to bring that level of awareness and advocacy to the issue that meant the most to them.

      This isn’t a zero-sum game where the autism issue is sucking all of the air out the room because no one cares about chd, that isn’t the case at all. Parents with babies born with chd can do likewise in fighting and advocating, too. “Whataboutisms” alone aren’t going to cut it unless you collectively do what the autism parents did.

    • Dennis LeDrew us parents fight day in day out , but do you do you hear about it ? Nope you don’t. Cause no one bats an eye. Dont get me wrong every parent shpuld fight tooth and nail for their child ! It’s their right too ! But my point is there more deadly diseases I think funding and government should worry about . About 75% of babies born with a critical CHD are expected to survive to one year of age. About 69% of babies born with critical CHDs are expected to survive to 18 years of age.

    • Parents of children with autism have fought an uphill battle for years and even decades with the same amount of despair and hopelessness you have.

      “At least they won’t die from it (autism)”.

      We worrry incessantly about what will happen to our children when we are no longer here and we fear CONSTANTLY for what their future holds. Will they be safe? Who will care for them? Will they ever be on the street? Will they ever go hungry? Will someone take advantage of them or abuse them? They may not perish in the same manner a baby with chd might, but we DO worry about them perhaps dying a little every day until they do.

      Yes, CHD is a dire condtion with its own challenges and issues. However, I’m not going to sit here and get into a battle with you about how much societal attention CHD and autism get relatively speaking, or the prognostic or diagnostic seriousness of each, because that does neither issue any good. Instead, all we can do is conduct a best faith effort in fighting for that which matters the most to us and to find other like-minded people to do the same collectively. Zero-sum, comparative complaints regarding each issue helps nobody; autism parents learned that a LONG time ago.

  11. Dave says:

    Funding is not the issue at all. It is finding the most benefits for the dollars spent.

    People, money does not solve all of your problems.

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