Autism kids

This is kinda a harsh opinion but I’m just sayin.. cutting the autism funding kinda sucks, but people who also constantly have children with disabilities is also a huge cost to tax payers. If you want to have a child KNOWiNG they will be disabled then I feel you are a grown ass women that is capable of understanding the hardships and costs of raising those children. This isn’t just a autism post. It’s a hard decision to abort. But why should society continue to pay in some cases 120,000 a month for your autistic child to have what you call important therapy. Your their parent. Step up. And if you can not then maybe try to make better decisions.



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  1. Nana says:

    Are you kidding me…. perhaps you should do some research instead adding a worthless opinion. These are our babies some grow up to be nothing but spectacular they are very intelligent. DON’T YOU THINK MOTHERS DO ALL WHAT THEY CAN. maybe you should look in the mirror and re evaluate who you are and what your purpose is…. absolutley disgusted…

  2. heywood jablomi says:

    whoever wrote this is a complete idiot period

  3. Haha wtf who hurt you

  4. Why should we pay taxes for idiots like you everyone uses tax money hope you have a woman in your life who refuses to have an abortion and I hope you have a disabled child you goon

  5. Nick Pitt Nick Pitt says:

    Corey, you’d think that, buuuuuuuut there’s anti-vaxxers, so I’m reluctant to call it a Poe/troll post

  6. Yes it does sound harsh. That’s because that’s the view the Nazis held before they started killing disabled people. They saw them as genetically inferior, and a scourge that needed to be erased from the planet. So yes, that is a harsh opinion.

  7. Ray Paquette Ray Paquette says:

    As someone who’s surrounded by a fair amount of people with Autism, shame on you. You’re very uneducated on this topic and you should really learn to keep your mouth shut. If people want to have kids that’s not for you to decide. Shame on you and this BS post.

  8. Right and you homeschool your child to not burden the tax payer, as well as never use health care, or roads or anything commonly paid for by the tax system.. because you know the peanuts you pay in taxes only mean something when everyone as a society comes together. Canadians have a right to medical and education and your ignorance sadly shows that the education system failed you so let’s hope better for the next generation. Your 120000 a month figure is the same type of ignorance as the pcs miss caculations

  9. Shoutout Sudbury Why would you even post this? Starting to think YOU’RE the disgusting one.

  10. You have no fucken clue at all …. i think your mother should of swallowed when it came to you

  11. What the heck is wrong with this person? Also it is not 120,000 a month! Also clue the hell knows their child’s going to have autism before they’re born? This post is intentionally hurtful and ignorant.

  12. And who helps you put your pants on every morning? Cuz you are one dumb fuck.

  13. Perhaps you should leave the decision of whether therapy is important for autistic children to people more familiar with critical thinking.

  14. This is just so disgusting how many false things are mentioned in this. Wow.

  15. Ed Greco Ed Greco says:

    Wow. Im glad you can tell right away that you may have a disabled child. Your doin somethin that the ultrasounds takes few months to pick up. Smh STFU

  16. Marc Leclair Marc Leclair says:

    Holy Christ, if stupid could fly you’d be a jet, Educate yourself before you speak. “Just Sayin” GFY

  17. Joel Whipple wow. I’m impressed. That was a good read. And I agree with you.

  18. Ryan Clement Ryan Clement says:

    Troll being a troll and you’re all feeding him.

  19. Sammi Sprague thank you ❤️

  20. Erica Bonds Erica Bonds says:

    Bye shoutout. Disgusting

  21. If you honestly believe this, then YOU are the problem.

  22. As a mother who has an autistic child I can tell you that those therapy sessions that apparently “only I call important” makes such an incredible difference and impact on his life. They ARE important. I just can’t get over the ignorance of this person.

  23. This is extremely sick, heartless and cruel!!!! What the fuck is wrong with people??? kEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOUSELF!!! Just wait till you’re faced with this reality!!!

  24. It’s different if you know your child is going to be born with an illness that will most likely kill them or with some sort of disorder that will prevent them from walking or talking or living a decent life, but autism? Really? That shits ignorant as fuck. Go learn some stuff please.

  25. Maks Bee Maks Bee says:

    Shoutout Sudbury are you fucking for real? Is there anything you guys won’t publish?
    Posting ridiculous laughable drama is one thing but to post things that have no valid evidence and are in fact wrong…really? What’s next, allowing people to say the N word in their posts and get away with it?
    What the actual fuck.

  26. “People who constantly have kids with disabilities”?!?

    That sentence right there shows how ignorant and dumb you are.

  27. Tessa Tibo Tessa Tibo says:

    Did they get vaccinated

  28. Wow! Do you know anybody with autism? I do. He is a smart, loving, responsible, terrific person. How dare you suggest he should have been aborted! You are a disgrace to human kind

  29. Op clearly needs to understand autism more.

  30. This is kind of a harsh opinion, right back at ya ..
    MY taxes pay for your apathetic ass to sit at home and be a keyboard warrior .. your regurgitated under-educated view sounds to me, that you are early-mid 20’s.
    Here’s a sound piece of advice, only speak about what you KNOW, which is a whole lot of nothing on this subject.
    $120,00/month is the most grossly misconception I’ve seen yet!
    You made this post to stir the pot or because you are un-educated, I imagine you are monitoring your work. I encourage you to message me for an “adult” conversation.

  31. Ali Derks Ali Derks says:

    I’d rather pay for someone’s autistic child to receive necessary helpful treatment than a drug addict’s EI or treatment. You need to read a fucking book.

  32. Aaron Cox Aaron Cox says:

    Wow . I was going to write you should have been aborted and your parents should have killed themselves than I realized thats as stupid as what you just took 20 mins to write and about 5 to think about…. cheers to you even though you suck at being a human being

  33. Jamie Lynn Jamie Lynn says:

    Unfollowing! This is ridiculous! How can you allow this on your page!

  34. Absolutely no one knows that their child will have autism prior to being born. Now I know you said this isnt just an autism post… but that’s what you chose to start with so you made it one.

  35. Are you fuckingg kidding me!!! Wtf is wrong with people. Until you have a child with a disability or illness . Keep your shitty opinion to yourself. Would you deny chemo!! We fuckingg spend thousands of dollars on narcan!!! Sarah Raymond Justine Pattisonjustine thought you should see this!!!!!

  36. These are comments made by very ignorant people..

  37. Keri Purcer Keri Purcer says:

    Just disgusting ! Before you go and make assumptions about this maybe get your facts straight . Not sure where you got 120,000 a month but that’s excessive, that’s way beyond what families are even asking for ! And clearly you know nothing about autism if you think that there’s a test or something to determine if your child has autism in utero . Pretty much saying we should abort our 3yr olds cause that’s when you actually get a diagnosis for your child . Next time you go and open your mouth , get your facts straight before you go talking about something you know nothing about . Funny thing is your venting about something that doesn’t even affect you at all . You talk about making better decisions , clearly your mom didn’t make any great ones raising someone as disturbing as you.

  38. Wow. The poster of this comment is rude and disrespectful, ignorant and uneducated. Instead of judging those who have children with disabilities. How about learning some empathy and decent respect and understanding for people with disabilities. Also why is shootout sudbury posting things like this comment?

  39. Your a disgusting individual!

  40. Missy Kelly Missy Kelly says:

    Everyone against this post please get in touch with me if you would like to add your name to a legal petition going around against the changes to the Ontario Autism Program. Would love the extra support!!!

  41. to bad you mom never abouted

  42. Shelly Land Shelly Land says:

    Wow this post is horrible… but Ontario doesn’t have the greatest Autism support system to begin with. To my knowledge they only assist families until the child is 6yrs old. My cousin moved her whole family to Alberta years ago, because the province supports children with Autism until they are 18.

  43. Maybe Your parents should have stepped up and maybe got rid of your ignorant ass. You may not have autism but clearly missing some scruples

  44. Karl Puiras Karl Puiras says:

    You’re lucky this bullshit is anonymous or I’d fuckin abort you right fuckin now. Bitch.

  45. Nobody knows before birth if their kid has autism. This person’s an idiot.

  46. I don’t normally respond to these posts …you really think parents like myself and husband “asked” for autistic children?

    I didn’t ask to nearly die giving birth to a baby who was feet first with her umbilical cord before her feet and oxygen deprived. I didn’t ask for my uterus to rupture and an emergency c section with her.

    My husband didn’t ask to have to sign hers and my life away the night she was born and have to sit there helplessly wondering if he was walking out of that hospital with his wife and child or without them.

    My daughter didn’t ask to be autistic from birth trauma induced by oxygen deprivation. Her siblings didn’t ask to be siblings of an autistic child.

    No one ever asks for a “disabled” child…and you sir or madame (and I never do this ever, speak poorly to someone) are a complete ass.

  47. Kat Lyyli Kat Lyyli says:

    You can’t detect autism in the womb… some people don’t know their child has autism (because autism is a spectrum and some people are high functioning) until school age. Not every child with autism is obvious.
    This post is so uneducated and full of judgement.

  48. Whoever said that obviously has not had a child with a disability you are so ignorant of the needs od these,children. I by the way have no children with a disability but i will put my name on what i think.

  49. Julie Smith Julie Smith says:

    WOW! Did I actually just read this correctly? Who would post something like this? *picking my jaw up off the floor. Come on.

  50. Joe Mcdonald Joe Mcdonald says:

    What a piece of human garbage this piece of shit need to have their identy revieled and shamed all over the net..coming hackers find out who posted this.

  51. To make a statement like that and go anonymous at the end just says to me that you are also gutless and make statements just to see the reaction

  52. This is the dumbest thing I have ever read.. go fuck yourself..

  53. You’re joking right? This is the most ignorant post I’ve ever read! Please don’t ever procreate! You don’t deserve it!

  54. Chyna Noel Chyna Noel says:

    This is the most stupid disrespectful thing I have ever read maybe you should try having a child on the Spectrum first before you start opening your mouth about stuff you don’t understand!!!!!!!!
    Marc Leclair Lynn Noel read what this moron posted

  55. Alysha Puro Alysha Puro says:

    Holy fuck! Are you actually serious with this shit? You think having a child with special needs is a decision?!?! Maybe you should do some research before saying stupid shit like this. Honestly wish your mother had made the decision to abort you if this is how you feel about children!
    Just a little education moment for you here:
    – Autism usually isn’t diagnosed in children until about the age of 3 or 4. They are usually typically functioning until that age where they begin to regress. So not something that is diagnosed during pregnancy…
    – cerebral palsy is a traumatic brain injury that is caused by lack of oxygen to the brain just prior to, during or immediately after birth. Also, something that is not diagnosed during pregnancy.
    Maybe you should read a book. You probably think vaccines cause autism too!

  56. Small minds…..poor Canada

  57. Are you fucking kidding me?!
    No parent wants a child with disabilities. A child who is sick or suffers, a child who struggles on a daily basis. Our daughter was diagnosed at nearly 8 years old. What would you have suggested we do then?? Your ignorance and stupidity is over the top here!

  58. Vicky Miron Vicky Miron says:

    WTF. Do you they they can diagnose autism in utero

  59. My son is autistic, and we didnt even begin to see any signs until we were around 18 months, even then we had to wait until after he was 3 to have testing done. Dudes my world and a smart, happy, healthy child.

    • Steve LeClair I didn’t know your son is autistic, my daughter is as well and reading this anonymous post makes me dislike the ignorance of society more and more, but like your son my daughter is happy, healthy and intelligent and I take comfort in that compared to how most of society has to spew their judgement via social platforms……

    • I actually had no idea Jay. Ignorance is always a part of society and unfortunately it often takes someone close being diagnosed to actually fully comprehend what is happening within the community.

  60. Someone should have aborted you…

  61. You do realize that autism is not detected while in the womb? Speaking of abortion… Your mom let the world down by not aborting YOU. Dummy.

  62. Being autistic doesnt make you disabled… Jesus fucking Christ
    I hope OP never has children

  63. Unfolllowing shoutout sudbury!

  64. Tessa Tibo Tessa Tibo says:

    A society filled with special needs …that is the way to go…give your head a shake

    • Sandra Anne Sandra Anne says:

      Tessa Tibo are you the OP? What don’t you understand? Autism can’t be detected before birth. I’ve read 2 of your comments now, and you need to learn about things before you state your opinion. But I guess you live in a perfect world right? Until you don’t. One day this may happen amoungst your family, then what?

    • Bart Jardine Bart Jardine says:

      The week and feeble used to get knocked off naturally and kept bloodlines strong….now we have a bunch of people who comment on shoutout sudbury everyday and feel better about themselves….good job man!

  65. Tessa Tibo Tessa Tibo says:

    Any woman wanting a healthy child should a very clean and diet 2 YEARS prior to getting pregnant…of course any child I encounter with autism is fed a very poor diet of fast food and processed food which does absolutely nothing to nourish the brain….why should us people who strive very HARD to maintain a healthier lifestyle be burdened with cost of every one elses children with special needs

    • Tessa Tibo perfectly healthy adult, completely normal pregnancy for my autistic son AND my neuro-typical daughter .. and my kids eat healthier than most in their school,

    • Bart Jardine Bart Jardine says:

      Good call Tessa….it’s all part of the Matrix. Shoulda skipped the jabs too Sarah

    • My son is autistic, diagnosed at age 4 but suspected since 9 months. He has sensory issues and only eats about 12 things for as long as I can remember. Want to know what some of his first signs of autism were besides his flailing arms, lack of eye contact and ability to play alone for hours on end? He was reading, writing and doing basic math at 18 months. He is now 4 1/2 years old, and his school doesn’t know what to do with him because he is doing multiplication up to 12 x 12, division, fractions, give him a blank map of Canada, and he can tell you where every province is plus what their capitals are. He can read at a grade 4-5 level. He speaks 4 languages and can read a book once and have it almost memorized by the 2nd time he reads it.

      He is considered “high functioning” and “gifted” but also suffers from extreme echolalia, doesn’t understand emotions very well, can’t communicate his feelings, is not very sociable with children his own age and has no concept of the dangers around him. I’ll be the first to admit his nutrition isn’t the best, but if I can get him to eat anything, it’s a win and it clearly hasn’t diminished his brain function.

    • Bart Jardine I guess we should do away with ALL social system programs .. Ontario works, ODSP, pension ,health care, education etc and let everyone fend for themselves?

    • Tessa Tibo Tessa Tibo says:

      For the most part YES….other then pensions people paid
      Into all their lives …Would certainty make it a much fairer world

  66. Oh….so you know the prenatal signs of autism? There is a test that can determine that with any great degree of accuracy?


    Better be silent and thought a fool instead of opening your mouth and removing all doubt……isn’t that right you fucking disgusting piece of human shit? ☺️

  67. The only thing that can be diagnosed during pregnancy is spina bifida and down syndrome. Other than that, parents don’t know if they’re going to have a child with another disability. What a ridiculous post

    • Shannah Williams other disabilities can be diagnosed during pregnancy. Like muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, microcephaly, and neural tube defects. Plus many more. Just alot can not be diagnosed until later in pregnancy where as down syndrome and spina bifida can be seen as early as the first trimester

  68. Most ignorant and disrespectful thing I have heard of !!!

  69. A person does not know their child may be born on the Autism Spectrum……and not only that…the symptoms are very varied….from minimal to very problematic !!……and NO CHILD DESERVES TO HAVE THEIR LIFE TAKEN FROM THEM……….they are beautiful and loving and need assistance to manage any problems in their development……cannot believe your hateful statements!

  70. You’re an idiot. Educate yourself.

  71. Obviously your “parent” made a bad decision having you. Shame on you… people like you are the real burdens to humanity.

  72. Tim Phillips Tim Phillips says:

    What a sick fuckin world we live in right now!

  73. Shawna Leah Shawna Leah says:


  74. 100$ says it’s that fake account Bobby Johnson from the other day. Dropping those fake cdc reports about Americans cashing in on vaccinations gone wrong.

  75. Barb Devine Barb Devine says:

    Debbie Foley brutal!!

  76. Debbie Foley Debbie Foley says:

    Barb Devine they don’t give their names. That’s why they get away with such stupid comments.

  77. Geezer settle down whom ever posted this , god don’t u have a heart or even a soul about other ppl is feelings?

  78. Marcus Amero Marcus Amero says:

    This is disturbing to read…how someone can be so uninformed and say such hateful despicable things about a vunerable population is atrocious … Autism is a spectrum and varies by every individual … Lots are brilliant …Satoshi the man who created Pokemon has autism…helping people who need help unlike other people who blatently abuse social assistance in this country …i feel is a must…

  79. I know a few neurotypical adults that are a pretty big strain on taxpayers, just putting that out there. Autism typically isn’t diagnosed until children are over 3, there is no possible way to know if your child will be autistic before he or she is born. It’s a tough road even if the parents have “stepped up” to the best of their ability. Getting therapy at at a young age is essential in providing them with the skills they need to navigate the world as young people and adults. It’s hard to even be angry at this post since is it based on absolute ignorance.

  80. Hope u trip and fall into a hole somewhere wtf go back to bed sheesh some people

  81. Why are these posts even being allowed. Whoever posted this should be ashamed of themselves.

  82. I believe that individuals need to do proper research before making intelligent comments therefore this person didn’t do research and is unlikely able to make sense of things. No worth my energy

  83. Samm Jordan in case you need to read anything to make you mad

  84. You are stupid as hell go do some research. Unless you do a test . You don’t know if you child is autistic. Even then you will not know how severe it’s going to be . So just abort them ?? Maybe your mom should have aborted you cause she should have known you were going to be stupid as hell. Kind of like your post “with all due respect ” idiot your actual intentions shine through.

  85. Ally Rebekah Ally Rebekah says:

    You seem to have put a lot of thought into this. I feel like you are suggesting the parents should strongly consider abortion rather than raise an autistic child and rely on government money… just curious, how do you suppose they find out whether or not a child is autistic before it is even born? Lol

  86. Really OP… I would be embarrassed to be your mother. Unbelievable…

  87. A person with disabilities wouldn’t have made this post. They understand the value of every human life. Also EDUCATE YOURSELF! You cannot tell if a child will have autism until the child is born and often isn’t diagnosed until roughly 3 years old. Ignorant people ffs thinking they know everything but don’t bother educating themselves. Stupidest thing I’ve ever read

  88. Brian Manion Brian Manion says:

    Not that I agree or disagree with this opinion, but it is called free speech. Whether you like or not….if we stop allowing one to post their opinion, that makes those who want to censor what they don’t like to hear Nazis, and last I checked we do live in Canada where we still do have the right to free speech. You don’t like, either pass it by or make your displeasure known but know that things like this will still be published. A troll might have set this up to rile things up, but you know what that is his/her right. Just my opinion but of course it will suck to the ones that believe shit like this should not be allowed to be publish

  89. Why even allow this kind of post ?!
    It’s beyond ignorant and says more about the admin who allowed this bullshit to ever even be seen by anyone. Shame on you.

  90. Dennis Lopez Dennis Lopez says:

    Even Jesus thinks you’re a cunt…

  91. Who the fuck decides to have a child with a disability? Is that even, like, a thing? Can you even predict that prenatally?

    Your à fucking asshat.

  92. Dennis Lopez Dennis Lopez says:

    Cory Berube maybe a person held their beer, you never know lol

  93. Nadia Brown Nadia Brown says:

    you can’t fix her no matter how much duck tape is used!

  94. I cant believe you posted thus. I agree with pro Choice, that means oreganacy and birth are your choi e as is termination for whatever reasons , it’s a decision only to be decided by the mother and it with a partner and a health care provider. It’s a personal decision , sone may smdecuze to give birth despite risk but that is their choice to make and should be supported by society. Dont judge,

    • Tessa Tibo Tessa Tibo says:

      Then do not judge the person posting this

    • Tessa Tibo no the op deserves judgement since they couldn’t be bothered to learn anything about autism, diagnosis of autism, diagnosis of disability in utero, or any of the other things they have “opinions” about. That level of ignorance is just astounding and does not deserve to be taken seriously.

  95. And what about the people that don’t get the genetic testing done throughout their pregnancy? Not every one knows that they are going to be having a child with special needs. Maybe just keep your opinion to yourself? Try that

  96. How the hell is someone supposed to know their kid is going to be autistic? It’s a diagnosed condition. That means you don’t know until it’s in front of you. Gotta love when idiots make uneducated comments, and come off as a fucking idiot.

  97. Mat Decata Mat Decata says:

    But we should pay for your lazy ass not to work!! You are a asshole do the world a favour and blow your brains out

  98. Kimm Kruk Kimm Kruk says:

    This can’t be serious…..

  99. You cant see all things with genetics me and my daughter had our genes sequenced and our genes came back 100% normal and she has cerebral palsy epilepsy and type one dieabeties she seemed healthy untill she stopped hitting milestones as a baby and was diagnosed. OP your an uneducated pos

  100. Kassie DeCou Kassie DeCou says:

    Autistic kids are actually extremely smart.. smarter then the person who posted this for sure.

  101. You obvious have no kids to understand

  102. Hahahhahahahhahahahahahha

  103. You don’t know your kid is going to be disabled. If your mom read this I bet she’d have some regrets about not terminating sooner, you fool.

  104. I think you went to far….shut the f….k up!!!! low life…put your name next time….Parent with Autistic children have enough on their plates..don’t need this from you or anybody…

  105. This is so wrong I have a handicapé child and would never think of having a abortion when I was pregnant and I knew something was wrong that’s my child and love him as much as my girls it’s stupied how medical equipment or supplies cost So much that’s what’s wrong .

  106. Someone needs to educate themselves on when autism is actually diagnosed….. Unreal ..

  107. Everyone complains about where their tax money goes. Complain to Trudeau and his circus , they are robbing tax payers blind. Leave children out of this and worry about bigger problems. Petty people

  108. For one autism isn’t diagnosed in utero. Yes, there are diagnostic tests that occur during pregnancy, but they are percentage based. Your results can have a 1/100 or 1/10000 chance, and no matter the odds still have a child with or without autism. The test results are not definitive and simply give an idea of the odds of your child being autistic. The ignorance in the post is unreal, shame on you.

  109. You should educate yourself more before making statements like this disgusting

  110. Special place in hell for people like you, OP. Shame on you.

  111. Wow u useless fucking piece of shit. I wish I knew you. I’d have some shit to say u fucking cunt. Or dick what ever u are. Clearly u have never met a child with autism. Also u don’t fucking know this through the pregnancy u fucking ass hole. Go back to ur bubble u clearly live in.

  112. I didn’t know my son would have autism. There is actually a waiting list just to get diagnosed. So I paid out of pocket for a therapist, to find out sooner. He displayed signs after about a year and a half. I just knew that I loved my partner and I wanted others to see what that love looked like. To have it walk around this world. So I had a beautiful baby. Even tho he has autism you can see he was made with so much love. He’s such a happy little boy. All parents want their children to thrive on this earth. Unfortunately the cost for intensive behavioural intervention, is more than most can sustain. That’s the thing tho, I believe that some of the most beautiful people are also the most vulnerable and it’s our job to protect them. To look out for them. It’s much better for these services to be offered to children on the spectrum now, so they can immerse better into society.

  113. But every three seconds canada is giving another billion dollars to some foreign country…..

  114. First of all- You don’t know your kid will have autism before birth…. second of all – this is so ignorant! What is wrong with you??

  115. I got nothing but to say fuck you!!!! I have a nephew who is autistic. You are a fucking idiot. Abort them, seriously??? They are diagnosed after birth. You are a troll.

  116. Mad on behalf of shout out why is this up and not taken down

    Awful !

  117. You a complete ignorant, selfish idiot. YOU ARE EITHER
    A) trolling to get a rise out of people.
    or B ) A waste of air
    C) Ignorant individual
    D) All of the above
    Shame on you for either or all.
    Get yourself educated on this topic before you spread your word vomit on public space…Look at yourself, check yourself and smack yourself upside the head. Its people like you who make this world hard to live in.

  118. Would love to know who posted. It

    Do the have the gumption to come forward or are they terrified of the monster they’ve revealed themselves to be

  119. There was no way to tell. God forbid you be a special needs parent man I wanna k$;?!ur a!$ on behalf of all special needs parents but as a lady I will not

    Yourare clearly unaware
    Not everyone is intelligent and this shows that
    My autistic son is clearly smarter better off and kinder then MOST…….
    Thanks for the post !!!!

  120. Linda says:

    You need to move to the Moon. And when you`re ready to be a human being, come back. And yes, pay your taxes. And no, you don`t get an opinion on the worth of one`s child.

  121. Wow are you serious …autism sometimes isn’t diagnosed until years after birth you ignorant fool…some disabilities can’t be prevented…i had a son who had a stroke at 5..yes 5 we still don’t know why…so what better decisions should I have made when he was a healthy baby up until he had the actual stroke…youre a fucking pathetic excuse of a human to blame the parents …shit happens in life beyond our control sorry we’re not all perfect like you…wow how igorant can someone be

  122. Kris Parnell Kris Parnell says:

    Sorry but you don’t get to choose what kind of kid you have, it’s not like picking out fruit at the grocery store.

    There is an extremely limited way of knowing a very narrow grouping of genetics prior to birth. Other than that it’s all guess work and most often no one knows until after the child is born if there’s any issues.

    Also that “important therapy” often helps some differently abled individuals go on to be able to get jobs and contribute to society so don’t go knocking what you don’t understand

  123. You truly must have been dropped on your head at birth! You define stupid!

  124. Amanda Rosee Amanda Rosee says:

    Having a child is a gift. No matter what. Period.

  125. This post has to be a troll or really ignorant!

  126. I though anti-vax people where stupid you take the cake. You think people with autistic children wanted there children to have autism everyone wants there child to be born healthy and without a disability but it happends and these parents are fight for the rights these children deserve to get better and have a better chance in life at doing things independently. Autism isnt something they know there children will be born with. I think your mom should of swallowed you because you are one sick human.

  127. Please do not have children. You’re are as stupid as stupid gets. Not all disabilities are noticeable before birth and some take years to diagnose some come on suddenly also. My daughter is classified as disabled due to an illness (cancer) should we cut disability pay and everything also? Like they say, it takes a village to raise a child….

  128. You almost hope this OP is some form of a troll trying to cause chaos rather than actully believe anyone can be this much of a horrible person

  129. I wish people would educate themselves before putting up posts like this!

  130. This is the stupidest shit I have ever read !!!! Your a special kind of stupid ! And your parents should be ashamed of you

  131. What in the ACTUAL fuck! You are a special kind of stupid shit aren’t you! No parent asks or knows if there child is going to have Autism! Let alone a second child with it! Autism isn’t something you can test for before birth! Have you ever spent anytime with one? You ignorant POS!

  132. This has to be most ignorant thing i have ever read. And to the admin for posting something so awful!

  133. yeah you can’t see autism in the womb dumbass. Are you kidding me with this?

  134. Amanda Rosee Amanda Rosee says:

    Oh and before you start running your dirty mouth it’s not “Autism kids” it’s children with autism. Maybe do some research. I hope you can NEVER have a child of your own.

  135. Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

    You are nuts…. do you think we knew was son was autistic? This is to sick to even comment to.. If your a guy who wrote this peace of crap.. please look for me I’ll literally punch you right out

  136. Yeah let’s just practice eugenics, I see no problems with that what so ever…

  137. I’m just here for the comments!!! Holy fuck lady!!! Go to hell!!!

  138. I have a child with Autism and it wasn’t diagnosed till he was 3 yrs old and the OP wanted us to abort the child at 3 yrs old? What kind of bullshit posting is this? Don’t procreate please!

    • Tracy Stone Tracy Stone says:

      Sorry dear, you are wrong he wasn’t diagnosed with Autism till he was 10. The signs were there but he was misdiagnosed at 3. Anybody who would even think the way the OP does, doesn’t know the absolute gift that these children are. Any child with special needs allows you to see and react to the world in a whole different way.

  139. Amanda Rosee Amanda Rosee says:

    Woooooooowwwwww you are actually a sick human being.

  140. You… are a VERY special kind of stupid and ignorant arent you?

  141. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read

  142. Cory Berube Cory Berube says:

    Scott Seguin Gotta be. No one can be this stupid and remember to breathe.

  143. This post is just so stupid. Autsim is dagnoised at age 3 usually and higher. Its something you’re born with but cannot be tested for like down syndrome in utero. Heck most developmental disabilities cannot be tested for till after a year or two of being born. So saying you get pregnant knowing that you have one disabled child and going to have another dosent work. Each birth is different. I just simply feel the need to shake my head at this post. XD

  144. You should probably you know, pick up a book or do some research. Absolutely DISGUSTING!

  145. Kyle Burke Kyle Burke says:

    Who Ever posted this is clearly an idiot… and has no idea what parents with disabled or autistic children have to go through to get their kids the help they need, let alone the cost of it…

  146. Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

    Cory Berube I’m seriously guessing it’s the same troll

  147. St-germain M Justin that’s correct.

  148. Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

    I’ll have you know that Albert Einstein Nikola Tesla Dan aykroyd some of the most geniuses of our time and of centuries past have all been diagnosed on the autism spectrum. So I want you to sit back and really think about that in your chair. Compared to some autistic people you’re a retard. Remember that.

  149. Wow some people so so sad that you think like that!

  150. Tyler Pilon Tyler Pilon says:

    Well your clearly special…. Should your parents have aborted you?

  151. Wtf. Ignorant piece of shit.

  152. Sandra Anne Sandra Anne says:

    Your momma should have swallowed OP!

  153. Our kids are our future! Give your head a shake!

  154. whoever wrote this, have you heard of table talk? because this isn’t it…

  155. Wow, you’d get along with great with that other poster about the vaccines.. dumbasses..

  156. Luc Rioux Luc Rioux says:

    wow you don t plan a child with disability you plan on having a health child things happens some time it nature but to say you should you should be able to take on the hardships and cost …unreal ….children with disability is not plan ahead unreal

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