At least he met you at work

Usually he meets them on Plenty if Fish. Once he breaks up with you and it sounds like he may have, don’t worry he’ll be begging you to meet him at the food court one evening to talk. He will have reconsidered his feelings and know that he needs,I mean really needs, to see you. He’ll be going through hell without you and not seeing you is emotionally and physically draining on him. That is his M.O. He’s done it countless times,. That’s how he met me. Then s friend of mine,then a complete stranger,then countless coworkers. He’ll eventually move on from you if you let him know you’re just concentrating on work.i can guarantee you he already has been scouting out a few more profiles and waiting for the next new female coworker. So when he asks you to meet him at the food court in the mall, just pass.



29 Responses

  1. Travis Babe… Food court haha

  2. Is this all that interpaving employees do is screw there co workers

  3. JD Tait JD Tait says:

    How lucky are we to live in a generation where people think eating at a food court is a problem worth publicly broadcasting.

  4. Bruno Romeo Bruno Romeo says:

    Us ROMEOS are hard to resist 😉

  5. Allie Kat Allie Kat says:

    Good lord baby jesus. Why cant you all just get together and talk. Does all of sudbury have to be involved in you STDs quest? How in high heavens does this junk keep getting posted?

  6. Getting sliiightly sick of these posts.

  7. Mikey Jameus Mikey Jameus says:

    Lisa Ann Moroz you can feel the sincerity lmao.

  8. Mikey Jameus Mikey Jameus says:

    This post is like throwing vienna sausages down a frikken hallway…

  9. Jennifer Buckner Vansantvoort oh ok lol

  10. Jennifer Buckner Vansantvoort you do like the bad boys lol

  11. Walmart McDonald’s or gtfo

  12. Jennifer Buckner Vansantvoort were not all like this dude lol

  13. Why you dating mall rats ? Lmfao.

  14. Meeting at the food court over fish tacos- romantic ❤️

  15. Ohhh. I should try that! Oh wait. I have a spouse already

  16. Allen Lawson Allen Lawson says:

    Title of this book …….

    On a scale of 1-10 how jealous am I ?

  17. Tom Bos Tom Bos says:

    What in the actual fuck is going on here. I mean, it’s entertaining to see what new post we’ll see but goddamn now there’s a third party involved?!

  18. Rob Dobson Rob Dobson says:

    Do you need some peanut butter with that Jelly

  19. Ron Dubeau Ron Dubeau says:

    This is like an episode of jerry springer lol

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