One of my friends was telling me that she dated this guy. She met him when she used to pick up her daughter up from primary school. Her daughter and his son were in the same class. He always talked to her while she was waiting for her daughter to come out to the car.

They texted once in a while. My friend was always there for him; especially when he lost his dad and when he separated from his ex-wife. Then, they both started texting each other every day. To her, it felt like they were best friends and she started to develop strong feelings for him. So, they decided to sleep together and they have been for the past two years. He cheated on her about a year ago and got in a relationship with this other girl for about 4 months. Then she broke up with him. He was all heart broken, so he started texting my friend again. She thought he had changed, so she let him back in.

A month ago, he stopped texting again. She assumed he was seeing someone else. It’s really too bad, because she was in love with him and she so wanted a relationship with him. She always blamed herself and thought that she was the reason why he didn’t want a relationship with her. In reality, he is a cheater, a liar, a player and manipulative. My friend recently found out that he’s done this to several other woman also. Plus, he’s sleeping with his landlord for cheaper rent.

I wanted to share my friend’s story because I would hate for another good woman to fall for this douche bag. Beware!



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    In reality, both of these people are big fucking losers. neither of them stayed with the kids parents. both of them just sleeping around with whoever. both are trash. i d f c about these people, get fucked you fucking losers. the amount of fucked up in our society now is just over the top fucking stupid.

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