Are you recycling GARBAGE?

I have a full house with 5 people living here, guests that visit from out of town and many small gatherings of my local friends too. I have noticed on my recycling days Im always pulling garbage out of my 5 recycling bins.

Today my friend was visiting and put her Tim Hortons cup into recycling recycling. This sparked an interesting conversation of what is and isn’t recyclable.

I have lived in 5 different cities and learned every city allows different number plastics into recycling.

So… with all these conversations about down sizing garbage. Make sure you recycle and compost etc…

I wanted to point out, anything with wax lining is not recyclable, plastics number 3, 7 and without a number are also not recyclable. Plastic wrapping from your foods are not recyclable.

I mention these specifically because I often find these put into my recycling by well meaning guests. If they are putting it into mine, they are putting it into theirs.

So I thought how many other sudburians think items are recyclable when they are not.

Let’s talk about items we think are but really are not.

Example… I just learned the plastic dish from Walmart that holds the large sausages has no number, thus not recyclable according to Sudbury recycling.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    How about you get off your high horse and stop being so preachy like Jesus Christ not everybody wants to use the green bin and attract maggots and other pests recycling is one thing but for the city to force us to base we do it their way or the highway with they’re charging us up the ass for taxes is a joke honestly we need to go back to the two bags every week oh and fuck you

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