Are we taking our equal activist ways too far?

Pregnant man emoji now? You know dam well I’m not writing about the emojis but its the way the world is steering these days Im a lottle annoyed w8th. Should we be alarmed by how far things are going ? Or should we just be accepting and ok with it. I mean the population will be better under control at least.

Something I think is needed now more than ever. More adoption by gay couples instead of making more babies, but how far is too far? Is it even possible to go to far, though? Really who are they hurting? Is it damaging to anyone else if a Trans man decided to use his old uterus to carry a child for either himself or as a surrogate for someone else? At the end of the day who is he hurting ? Not me or my kids.

These are things I think we need to ask ourselves now when we sew some different than our conventional ways. I’m not so sure we can label anyone wrong here. Be who you are or want to be. Be who you shine best as. Is there anything wrong with realizing you’re not supposed to be who you are anatomically? I’m not so sure anymore. Be brave. Be accepting. Love.



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  1. When in rome. says:

    China’s gearing up for war, had banned emasculating imagery. Russia is at war and has black listed our leaders.

    Here in rome the Barbarian hordes have you surrounded and you’re not sure if your a man woman or kitty cat.

    But fear not, we can merely lecture the Barbarians and ban them from social media, that way we don’t know what they’re planning

  2. Anonymous says:

    Short answer is yes. Im all for inclusivety but it’s very telling when certain groups are less than 1% of our total population but every tv show must include a character or contestant that fits the description. If you mark yourself as trans, gay, minority etc. you are also at the top of the list for many employers despite qualifications. Sports are another area where the desire to win is so great that many athletes will change their gender for a shot at a podium finish. Oh I guess now I’m a crazy alt-right for pointing out the obvious.

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