Are there changes to how much odsp recipients can earn

I am on odsp and moved to Sudbury in June . Tomorrow will be 7 weeks I have been working for a janitorial company . My question is that I got a letter from odsp stating I can earn $200 per month however a friend of mine asked their odsp worker about whether or not people can earn $400 which the other odsp worker works in the same Sudbury office . I work 6 days a week and I’m trying to find out if I can earn $400 monthly or is it $200 . Somewhere on govt website they discussed in October 2018 that odsp recipients can earn $400 but it was just in the talks that they want to implement these changes



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  1. Should be 100 per week

  2. Angie Breton Angie Breton says:

    $200 before deductions. After that they deduct a percentage.

  3. The liberals and ndp were the ones talking about increasing the income limit to 400$ before deductions. With the new government, the plan is to allow people to earn up to 6000$ a year before deducting 75% of your earnings.

  4. It is $200 monthly, anything more and they deduct 50% of what you earn from your monthly benefit. So if you earned $400, you would get $100 less on your monthly cheque. Make sure you report all your earnings each time you get your paystub to your worker at odsp.

  5. Luc Rioux Luc Rioux says:

    the way it work i believe is the first 200 a month you get no deduction on it anything else you make more then 200 they take 50 percent of it off you re next check so you still get some and you end up making more money if you make more then what odsp give you per month then you don t get money from them but you still are on it for medical card …..and also they give 100 if cost you for boots work grole bus faire to works… look into talking to you re case worker

  6. As someone against welfare, I do not see that at all with this post.
    They just started it and at least they are trying.
    There are others who have been on it for years who you should be pointing your finger at.
    Not this person

  7. Actually, after the deductable amount they only claw back 50% of your net earnings. You CAN work and be on ODSP, you CAN earn your own way and continue to get needed medical subsidies and coverage while feeling the satisfaction of employment and you can achieve your dreams 🙂 check out this info sheet for details of how working can affect your ODSP subsidy.

  8. Yves Beaupre Yves Beaupre says:

    Also know that you can work and be deducted for working but can be cut off for having more than 5000 in assets including what’s in savings or rrsp’s unless they are locked till your 65. But your primary vehicle to travel to and from appointments and work does not reflect on your assets and there is no value limit on said vehicle. Just an fyi for anyone who didnt know

  9. How are you able to work on ODSP? Is it not for people who are unable to work?

  10. atleast the effort is made to tell the worker enstead of working full time under the table for cash, you can find all thos peoole working full time and collecting full odsp checks at pizza pizza down town. lol

  11. Sounds like a question for someone over at…..wait for it…….ODSP!!!!

  12. You can earn 200$ then they take half of every penny n u keep an extra 100$ just for working

  13. You get to keep 200$ each month, any money earned after that is 50 cents to the 1$ that they deduct. Example: if your monthly earnings was 1000$ you can keep your first 200$ and the remainder of the 800$ you earned you get to keep half, 400$. So out of the 1000$ you earn you get to keep 600$. The rest will be deducted from your monthly check. I always put that money aside so I started each month with a full check from ODSP. It’s a pain in the ass but once you get into the hang of things you’ll always be ahead of the game!

  14. Kim Parker Kim Parker says:

    Your best bet would to call ODSP.. tell them you are able to work now

  15. So you are wondering what the maximum amount of $ you can make working a normal job before they start deducting the amount you get from ODSP….sounds like you want to cheat the system and don’t even really need ODSP!

    • Nikita Subzerov a bit hatsh seeing as you dont know her circumstances ..perhaps her mental or physical health allows her only to do so much ..or perhaps her medications cost too much …at least shes trying

    • Nikita Subzerov it doesn’t sound like he’s trying to teach the system!! She’s asking to make sure she’s not cheating the system!! Geeezzz do you not know how to read!!

    • Nikita Subzerov you don’t know their situation. Maybe they work short hours 6 times a week. You do realize ODSP does not give you enough money to live comfortably right? Who can live off of 1,000$ comfortably in Sudbury lol.

    • You realize how little odsp actually pays right? Honestly, its little enough that to get off it is near impossible. If it’s just themselves there probably only making 600-800 dollars. If they have a kid or someone else it’s about 1000-1200 max. Please tell me how your supposed to pay for Bill’s, food, potential childcare, any emergencies, etc with that amount? Odsp is so little people may want to get off it but cant because they are to broke and getting a job screws them over for everything else they need while getting on their feet. Let the person work a bit. You dont know there story. Dont judge, they might be trying to figure out the best way to get off the system

    • Mary Smith Mary Smith says:

      Carrie-Ann Laffrenier a lot of people on IF SO are also in housing paying little rent, they also have benefits that the working poor don’t get.
      Those with kids still get child tax credit adding approximately another $1000 or so.

    • Mikey Jameus Mikey Jameus says:

      Jann D Poitras-McKay ODSP gets a drug plan. Like welfare recipients

    • Mikey Jameus i realize that ..thats what i meant that perhaps she wants to at least get benifits from odsp so they continue to cover meds or ostomy supplies ect

    • Nikita Subzerov unless your on Odsp then you have no idea what your talking about. When your on Odsp you get around 1000.00 a month. Out of that check you have to pay your rent , their shelter allowance is only $479.00, and if you can’t find a place that charges you that for rent then it comes out of your grocery money. On odsp you have to figure out what’s more important food or a roof over your head. When we pay rent, your lucky to have maybe 300.00 to play with for food and basic needs. Try budgeting that for the whole month then come talk to me.

      The cost of living goes up but our check stays the same. The only way to get on disability is our family doctor has to fill out a lot of paperwork explaining what type of disability you have. Some are physical and emotional, but we still have to lives out lifes. I live with a disability but it doesn’t define me as a person or who I am. I work full time as well because I want more for me and have some kind of dignity.

      Odsp takes 50% of my earnings every month, and sometimes I don’t even get a check at the end of the month. I’m sorry this is a long post, but ignorance is bliss. So before you open your mouth, maybe ask questions first before you start putting people down because they’re working and trying to make a life for themselves, while on disability.

  16. Cindy Lawson Cindy Lawson says:

    New rules kicking in soon. That changes it to $500 allowed and than you only get 25% of what you earn after that. Not on it but the changes are on-line.

  17. It’s still only 200 then they take half but give you a 100 working henefit

  18. Why are you collecting government assistance and occupying a job?

    • Jenna Rae Jenna Rae says:

      Matthew Perreault because maybe they can’t quite work full time. And can’t make ends meet on ODSP/working alone. MAYBE I’m wrong.

    • ODSP for disability purposes..they get checked by a doctor and some can’t work full-time but they can make so much a month of earnings by working P/T if they need to or want to.

    • Matthew Perreault Branson was physically able to work but not mentally able to concentrate and he could work and make 200 a month even if it was just washing dishes in a restaurant. He didn’t receive much on ODSP.

    • Yves Beaupre Yves Beaupre says:

      Its for people with disabilities. Disabled people can work. Sometimes mental or physical disabilities stop you from working full time to support yourself. But your not dead you can still live. Just most of the time not well enough to support yourself or your family

    • Because odsp pays so little most people have a hard time surviving and they might be trying to get off the system without putting themselves in the streets? Or maybe they have a disability they cant work full time but want to try and earn something in their own. I mean while they work they could/ would still pay taxes which pays for their odsp. Convenient people dont remember that.

    • Yves Beaupre you are bang on. Also include the fact that holding a job consistently is difficult for some due to anxiety, depression, physical limitations and all manner of reasons. Employers are not understanding of this.

    • I have been on odsp for mental disabilities since 2004 and I only recently started working and odsp pays $1169 but because rent is paid they only give $569 . I wasn’t able to hold fast pased jobs but I am a mall cleaner and I also clean the blood bank . Odsp does not give alot and as for people who talk negative unless they can walk in a person’s shoes they shouldn’t judge just because people get disability while working

  19. Buzz Ronholm Buzz Ronholm says:

    200 then 50 cents every dollar

  20. You can make 200$ before any deductions. Anything over the two hundred they take 50 percent.

  21. John Quinn John Quinn says:

    Ford probably cut that proposition down.

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