There are 5 apples in the grocery store. John got hungry so he bought all of them for $10 each even though he just needed two apples to fulfill his needs. So he decided to sell the other three apples to his neighbour for $25 each. His neighbour could have just bought them himself at the grocery store at $5 each if John wouldn’t have been greedy.

Now replace apples with housing/rental units and read this again. Housing should be a basic right just like food and water. I am a hardworking young professional working two jobs 7 days a week and its getting difficult for me to cope up. Rent is expensive, I have student debt, can’t afford a good car. Don’t get time for myself. I don’t want to start a family because that will be added expenses. Mental health is shitty and so is physical health. I don’t even want to live a luxurious life. I just want to work one job and have quality time to myself. Be able to pay my bills without stressing out everyday.

I don’t want to do this hustling shit anymore. My body is giving up. I have no time for friends and family. Working long hours is nothing to be proud of. Stop being proud that you work 80 hours a week. We should be ashamed as a society that we look down on people needing basic support but are happy about billionaires getting handouts and not paying their fare share of taxes. The working class needs to be united.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I work to live not the other way round

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Peter says:

    Sounds like John is going to get ahead in life and his dumb neighbor is going to piss and moan on social media about how hard life is

  4. Elite_Pete_Aren't_I_Sweet says:

    Sounds like you are mentally ill take your happy pill and all these unpatriotic thoughts will go away.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Your so right….I have read articles coming right out from the government, with a new label forecasting about the “NEW WORKING POOR” ..This pattern is set in motion and I’m not sure it can be changed..