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So I live in an apartment with very treacherous stairs. They are pure metal with no serrations or coating on them. This is the 4th time I have fallen down the stairs. As soon as they get wet or a bit of snow, they turn into a death trap. My dogs are terrified to even walk down them to a point where I need to guide them down the stairs myself. I’ve spoken to the landlord about the stairs and asked him to do something about them (put something on them to make them less dangerous) but he refuses. What can I do? What sort of treatment can I give the stairs? I’ve been told by people to contact the tenant board to get them to force him to fix the stairs but I don’t want to cause any issues with him since I like my apartment other than the stairs.



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  1. Don’t let your safety fall into other’s hands. Buy yourself some salt/sand or something, you can bill your landlord later. If you fall off those stairs and snap your neck, that is something you have to live with forever. Your landlord wont care.

  2. Put your complaints in writing- email, texts, written letters.

    If your alter the steps in anyway, and someone gets hurt, your become liable for those injuries. Don’t risk getting sued for something he should be doing.

    Keep a bag of pet friendly salt, and salt 20 mins before you use the door way, or over night to give time for it to work.

    Problem is, if your landlord has refused to fix the stairs, he won’t and anything further will cause tension between you to. So either you allow the salt/sand to be the fix or you find a more reasonable landlord.

  3. Lisa Lyn Lisa Lyn says:

    I would file a claim with the landlord and tenant board. If you cant afford the filing fees, legal aid might be able to help. They dont offer legal advice for rental issues but they help with the claims. They will force your landlord to fix it and if he doesnt he will have to pay. Not sure what you can do until then though 🙁 sorry

  4. Ken Ferguson Ken Ferguson says:

    Wait till life clears thos steps.

  5. Ken Ferguson Ken Ferguson says:

    Never hear of this back in the day was no spotted…lol hopeless.

  6. Bob Daigle Bob Daigle says:

    Roofers use weather shield on the lead edge of a roof. It has a peel back and is really sticky. You can cut pieces the same size as your steps and stick them down (for next year). Find a roofer friend and ask him for just enough to do the steps. It comes in big roles and you prob can get a good deal. It’s just like but rougher than the stuff on skateboards. In fact, it’s really good for replacing that too.

  7. Nickers says:

    Withholding the rent cheque deliberately is a great way to get their attention.

    Or, doing something yourself, deducting it from your next rent cheque, and stapling it to the cheque (for the difference between your rent less the costs) the next month if you’re afraid to do it the other way.

    Stories like this are why I’m happy to be in a massive, well-run building.

  8. You can buy paint that has grit in it … or glue on some rubber treads …

  9. To clear things up… I’ve sanded and salted the stairs. I have tried cat litter. I have written letters to the landlord and gotten “I don’t use the stairs so I don’t need to do anything about them” from him. My neighbour has been in the building for 12 years and all he did was say “be careful on the stairs. I’ve fallen a few times. Hold the railing”

  10. I hzve put a green compost bin near tenants door qnd i keep it filled with road salt ,landlords are responsible for safety

  11. Make a formal request in writing and ask them to respond in writing.. Or email.

  12. That’s a lawsuit waiting for the happen and he isn’t being smart by ignoring that.

  13. Call city bylaw officer. I got a lawyer. Things get done now.

  14. Ivan Leo Ivan Leo says:

    Well it will be easier to evict people soon so you could look elsewhere.

  15. Contact fire department for a fire safety search.

    If you can’t get down your stairs safely during a fire that’s gonna be an automatic fail

  16. I’d go so far as to securely apply the grip tape to 1” – 2” wooden slats, as wide across as the step. Carefully drill 2 or 3 holes in each tape-covered slat & attach to the FRONT edge of every step (or every 2nd step) with zip ties. This creates a relatively strong but cheap grip for the stairs. Other than that, lay a strip of tarp down the steps each night to cover the steps & roll it up each morning till the cold temps are gone (approx 3 mos). Your landlord should be more concerned, given that a fall on his property could be really costly for him.

  17. Sounds like a place on Montague. I feel down stairs just like that hurt myself bad.

  18. buy a bags of sand,and pour it all over the stairs

  19. Grip tape. Like on a skateboard

    • Jess Ebbers I’ve salted and sanded them to the max. My last fall was when there was salt on them. I bruised my tailbone and hit my head really hard. If I hadn’t grabbed the railing on the middle landing I would have fallen right on the hood of my neighbours vehicle

  20. Lisa Tarini Lisa Tarini says:

    Try putting that green turf down on the stairs. Its made for outside use.

  21. I’d start sueing at this point lol

  22. Is there a railing or something to hold on to?

  23. There is a tape you can buy that is relatively cheap from home hardware, or even Canadian tire etc. I forget what it’s called, but it’s black, an inch or so wide and has a texture like sandpaper. You can put that on each tread to prevent slipping. I’m sure if you ask an employee, they will know exactly what you are talking about. Waiting for the landlord or the board to see your case could take a while, so in the meantime, help yourself and prevent breaking your neck on the tumbledown with this easy temporary fix.

  24. Cindi Foley Cindi Foley says:

    If you get hurt he is liable

  25. Thats why they keep getting away with it!

  26. Landlord tenant board. He’s refused a reasonable request.

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