Anyone live in panoramic properties

Anyone live in panoramic properties or anywhere and having issues regarding rent?

Panoramic properties will not let anyone who’s lost their job or sick do to covid be late on their rent, if no payment is recieved a noticed will be served.
Once this noticed is served tenants have 14 days to pay, if no payment they will submit for eviction. Yes I know they cannot evict but they can still submit!

They will not let you pay small amounts when you can, they will not let you use your last months and pay back. They want their rent on the 1st and no later, anyone else experiencing this with their landlord?

I do understand they have things to pay but in times like this, you would think there would be some wiggle room.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Take a video with your phone of you bringing the whatever amounts of rent to them you can. Say the date in the video and how much you’re giving them and why. This way you have video evidence of they come back and say you refused to pay anything.

    I live by the CYA method (Cover Your Ass).

  2. Trudi Trahan-upchan says:

    i grew up with the owners – no surprise to me – he came from Italy with only a small amount of money, bought a 6 plex across the street and bought & renovated and flipped until he owns high rises, multi-millionaire and his son is now in charge. Long before this crisis I heard stories on how greedy they are – unless the government steps in like they did in may States in the USA they passed an emergency law, that no one can be evicted during this crisis and they are have made arrangements for every American to receive first $1,000. to cover most rents and they set up a special board people can call if any landlord tries to evict. And they will help anyone out of work. Sorry this is Canada we are must too busy sending Billions to the middle east and helping immigrants to concern our selves with Canadians whose ancestry have been here about 350 years like me. I just hope people remember all this when it comes time to vote!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sending Bilions to the middle east??? wow would it be better if the money was sent to the Ukraine cause they are white? Just wondering why you pointed out the Middle East

  3. Anonymous says:

    Don`t let them get away with refusing any amounts towards rent, unless paid in full. This is to make you look like you tried getting away with paying nothing. Do you have a drop box in your building. Cheque written towards April`s rent with a letter reminding and stating your facts, your apologies, dated, signed, keep copy of rent cheques and letter. What more can you do.

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