Does anyone like bigger women?

So many people make fun of larger women and say ew or gross. Not all larger women are gross. Like any size woman larger women are beautiful as well. Larger to some is also any woman over 115 pounds. That is ridiculous.

It is not that easy to lose weight although many of you think it is.Larger women can be quite healthy and active as well. For those of you who don’t like a larger woman I can respect that but you don’t have to be so rude and say mean things. Believe it or not larger women do have feelings too and can be hurt by your rude looks or remarks.

All women are beautiful for that matter regardless of their size. Size is such an easy target to pick on. The adults doing this only teach this to the younger people as well and it carries on generation after generation. Please try to be kind to everyone.



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  1. What’s really gross is when a woman is too skinny …

  2. Skinny girls get shamed just as much. Just look at the retard who wrote on this post. If anything ppl make fun of us skinny chick’s more then the big girls now in these days . But who cares! We’re all beautiful in someone’s eyes. If they can’t see your beauty then there not worth having in your life.

  3. Dave Adams says:

    It’s amazing how quickly a thread about loving yourself no matter the size devolves into “unless your skinny, then you need to eat a sandwich”.

  4. Nicely said. Beauty in on the inside

  5. More couchen for the pushing

  6. Jo Zee says:

    Lise Godin

  7. Fuck what other people think

  8. Jo Watson says:

    Larger… well that is about perspective… I have been the size 2 and NEVER want to be that small again.

    I have been size 16 and never want to be that big again.

    I’m currently a size 12/13.

    For me personally size 8 to 10 looks great on my frame.

    Less I look too small, more I look like I have a bit of extra…

    I’m currently working off my extra. I recently started at the gym and have an app that I am competing with over 200k people.

    Am I unhealthy… well I am strong and flexible still. My endurance needs improvement but we all have to start somewhere.

    Regardless what size I’ve been I’ve never had trouble with finding a man when I was single. Then again that’s more about attitude… I have always been told I have high sex appeal. Lol

  9. Peoples judgemental comments are ugly .. makes them ugly

  10. YOU must be happy w yourself and love yourself to gain love and respect from others…regardless of your size…if you’re comfortable so are others ….
    There’s good and bad to EVERYTHING
    We all know this….

  11. Same goes for skinny/athletic women! You’d be surprised how much they are criticized! I am a bbw. I have a lot of friends that are small that face ridicule for it. Love your body. Work of being healthy. Don’t worry what others think of you. I was once told “what people think of you is none of your business” and they were so right! If you’re unhappy? Work on changing it. If you’re happy? Who cares what anyone else thinks. We all have something someone else admires or loves. Such is life.

  12. Bob Bertrand says:

    I like big butts…..

  13. Shelby Craig says:

    Yes all women are beautiful and I can say that at any opportunity that I will remind strangers/friends/family that they’re beautiful because it is important to remind ladies that they’re amazing even when they don’t feel it. But it gets to a point where server weight gain can extremely impact a women’s health and not for the better. Same goes for extreme weight loss. Be positive towards bigger ladies, don’t say shit like ‘hit the gym’, or other negative things- ask them to come for a hike with you or ask them if they’d like to try out this new ‘clean eating’ thing you seen on Instagram. It can be unhealthy but its so important to not put others down for their bodies and shove your opinions down their throats, if they’re unhappy they will make a change- sometimes you cant always control these things. Just be nice, we need a little more nice people in today’s society.

  14. Just be confident in urself and that’s all that matters

  15. I think all women are beautiful just like you. However I think that being overweight is bad because it’s a health risk. I think a little bit of honesty about poor diets will help some people from killing themselves from bad food just my thought

  16. i like bigger,nicer butts and most are not shallow or conceited as those 125 and under

  17. Glen Ford says:

    People who make such nasty comments are trying to draw attention away from their own flaws.
    But in doing so, they expose one of their greatest flaws. They have a psychological issue.

  18. No matter what size you are, there is always someone out there who will criticize. Women need to know and realize that no matter the size they are beautiful. There is no shame in preferring a more thinner women and no shame in preferring a women with a little extra curve. However, it’s people who lack confidence that attack those that may be an “easier target “. Personally, i find an individuals personality is what makes them beautiful or unattractive. Seen some pretty hot guys who opened their mouths and lost interest instantly.

  19. Jon Cyr says:

    Enough with the “real men prefer” B’s.
    A real man likes whatever the fuck he likes and that should be the end of it.

  20. Jeff Pigeon says:

    I’ve never met a large woman that had issues finding men or getting dates. I’ve met ugly women who have.

  21. Bev Barlow says:

    wherever you’re at……… be healthy and happy!

  22. Sandy Paulin says:

    Confidence is sexy!!! Look at me …lol own that shit & strut!!!

  23. Their are tons of men out there that would appreciate any woman. But they mostly spend their whole lives being rejected so now they sit at home on the computer cruising

  24. i think bigger women as you call them are better than small woman, I have always loved a woman who as some extra padding, in my eyes they are better in my eyes, its sad ppl say eww after all one of the most famous women to date was a plus size Marilyn Monroe was and is still a goddess to alot of ppl

  25. Pete Stone says:

    So you contradicted yourself in the beginning saying not all larger women are gross so your saying that some are. This post is dumb

  26. JJ Brunette says:

    I do. Yum.

    Skinny chicks are too fragile and delicate. Not made for sex or making babies. Skinny chicks are aliens that can barely have children with c section. I think they are half breeds of the greys from space.

    Besides, I shatter skinny chicks to pieces when I go animal on them. Heck even being gentle they complain all the time about sex. What good are they really. They just don’t have the equipment for this sport. They will injure themselves or something. A cock block. Bah!

    • Jenn Morin says:

      Lmao ffs I died

    • Terran Major says:

      You’re all blatantly ignorant. You’re doing the exact same thing to skinny girls as op complained ppl do to larger women. “All women are beautiful for that matter regardless of their size” “Skinny chicks are aliens that can barely have children with c section. I think they are half breeds of the greys from space” Jesus.

    • Have to agree with Terran Major Everyone has beauty, big or small. I have met thin girls who wish they could gain weight, and for them it is as hard as it is for some of us to lose.
      We need to put people down less, and put them up more.

    • JJ Brunette says:

      Terran Major clearly you are a Barbie doll with a great body not built for bed sports.

      With some training we can stretch you into shape and you can go pro and blow Away your man with something he actually enjoys. Sex like an animal despite your beloved bible, sadly the facts show you are mammal animal. You are built for pleasurable sex just for fun anytime of the year. Don’t suppress your primal instincts that’s how people get hurt or
      Unexpectedly fondled. Just go with it. Touch yourself, touch many at once, two hands, experiment and try new things to keep your man from wandering. Men are easily distracted by plump boobs and curvy hips or ‘sex sports equipment’ designed for safety and pleasure alike.

      Dunno, if you offended by anything, totally sorry for your sensitivity. You should try adult life. Teenager and child is so long ago for me. I’m clearly more mature and comfortable with nudity and adult subjects you kids think is gross. Ew.

      Go find your bisexual Ken doll for some clean wholesome vanilla procreation in Disneyland. Missionary style with eyes closed. Lots of Britney Spears on the iPod to set the mood to boring.

      The rest of us animals will be busy understanding what works and why we some women are blessed with the proper equipment for sex.

      You are just jealous that your built for figure skating and doing dishes. Spitting out babies probably might kill you. Ha.

      Skinny people are best for hanging clothes on and squeezing into small spaces where they will hopefully get stuck while we laugh.

    • JJ Brunette says:

      Sarah McGuire I did g sat skinny chick are ugly ? They are model material. I’d fuck em if they weren’t so breakable and Whine so much

    • Not all skinny girls are fragile and breakable.. some girls can take the pounding in the bedroom. U men are just to wimpy to try something new because we don’t have the “weight”. If u enjoy ur women with weight then good for u but dont put all women that dont have weight in the category of breaking in the bedroom because they are to small for ur taste.

    • JJ Brunette says:

      Sherry Collins why do slimmer women step out of the woodwork and speak up about being able to take it hard. Nice! Confident and hot. Yum

      You clearly had good practice and training and not so delicate or prissy. Barbie dolls are what I’m talking about. Tons of makeup and shit. Their talent is makeup and hair and looking pretty. They can’t do anything but sit there and be pretty. Sex is too sweaty and difficult for them. Useless !

    • U know they wouldn’t want there eyeliner to get into their eyes… the way i look at sex is its boring if there isn’t roughness to it. Got to be able to experiment.

    • My head hurts from reading this lmdao

    • Size doesn’t matter as long as u are happy with what u look like. I don’t care what anyone looks like people could look like a 10 but their attitude brings them down to a 1. Looks isn’t everything attitude and what people are like on the inside is what makes people who they are.

    • JJ Brunette says:

      Sherry Collins awesome! Nice, funny too

    • JJ Brunette says:

      Sherry Collins you got it. Intelligence, personality and spirit are far more stunning than any body. I don’t even look or notice either. It’s the hidden or invisible qualities that only genuine people can see and appreciate that I seek out.

    • JJ Brunette I didn’t say you had.
      I just know a few thinner ladies who would kill for some curves.

    • JJ Brunette says:

      Sarah McGuire ha I know. To be honest at my age body type is irrelevant. If you arent hideous or have three heads your in. We all been they a lot of shit so I can appreciate battle scars from raising kids, hard work, close calls and life’s occasional kick in the nuts. People witgcs story to tell and have lived life fully. Those are gorgeous beauties. They are tough and seasoned and survived. They deserve special treatment and gentlemen treatment. They earned it.

      Unscarred and perfect body princesses living a charmed life are boring, dramatic and quite useless. They make great selfies but terrible conversationalists. They are hollow and empty. Sad

    • Um pretty sure Terran Major is a dude, not “clearly a Barbie doll” but hey if you still wanna “stretch him into shape so he can go pro” I’m sure you’ve charmed him into the idea with these posts

    • Skinny girls get shamed just as much. Just look at the retard who wrote on this post. If anything ppl make fun of us skinny chick’s more then the big girls now in these days . But who cares! We’re all beautiful in someone’s eyes. If they can’t see your beauty then there not worth having in your life.

  27. Shayna Ford says:

    It’s not just women struggling with this, it’s men too. You don’t know their story, don’t be quick to judge! ❤

  28. Mandy Kydd says:

    I love being fat

  29. Ashley Cayer says:

    We live in a world where we care way too much about what other people think of us, instead of focusing on ourselves and the parts that make us better humans.

    Live for yourself and what makes you happy and screw what everyone else thinks of you.

  30. you dont even need to be skinny to be beautiful people are so easy to judge others. society got people messed up and they need to snap out of it every single human being are beautiful in their own ways as long as you’re you thats what makes you beautiful i dont get why its not okay to be a larger woman but thats my opinion.

  31. Jenn Morin says:

    Live your life loud and proud. Fuck em. Let’s go skinny dipping.

  32. We wouldn’t know how to define “small” if we didn’t have “large”. To me, a variety is better, and there is a preference in that spectrum for EVERYONE. You can’t have a rainbow without each and every one of those colors. ☺️

  33. I am a larger women. I am about 30 pounds of over weight but I am the healthiest that I have ever been. I work out 4 times a week at the gym and have lost 62 pounds with some ups and downs on the scale. It takes time. You did not get larger over night. Who cares what people say or think. As long as your happy with you is all that matters.

  34. I’ve been trying to lose weight for 5 years. Right after I had my son. It’s hard but is doable. When I was 17 I lost 87 pounds. Then I got pregnant with my daughter and gained 100. I lost almost all of it and then had my son. It gets harder when you get older to lose weight for whatever reason I don’t know. I had had so maby tests done to find out what is causing me to keep the weight on. Recently I changed my eating habits and started exercising. Even going for walks has done wonders. 2 weeks and down 12 pounds. People always use excuses for not losing weight. It’s in my genes. Must be my thyroid. I don’t know how to eat properly. My kids take up so much of my time, I can’t lose weight. Genes are not a reason, it’s how you choose to live. There are medications and surgeries to get your thyroid under control. Dieticians are a great resource to use to help meal planning. I have 3 kids and 1 is a baby. Doesn’t stop me from packing them up and taking a walk to the park.

    • And my fiance loves bigger women. He won’t date anyone too big but he also doesn’t date women who are very skinny. He doesn’t have anything against them, he just likes something to grab onto lol. And there’s more of us to love

    • Pam M Burton says:

      Coming from someone who has 3 kids annnd not big lol you sound like a hypocrite

    • OMG here we go. The person who apparently has a life but comments on every shoutout post and every comment is back commenting on shoutout posts. What a surprise… please, tell me how I sound like a hypocrite?

    • Because I’m a bigger woman and want to lose weight but my fiance likes bigger women? It’s not like I’m looking to be a skin and bones woman, I just want to lose 30-40 pounds

    • Actually genes do play a huge part in body composition. So does a thyroid imbalance. So do a lot of things. Don’t be so dismissive to people’s struggles. Many medications cause people to gain weight (steroids!!!! Among many others)

  35. JD Tait says:

    Boys have a problem with chubby gals.
    MEN prefer them.

  36. Proud of being who I am if anyone does not appreciate who you are then they have no business looking at your assets

  37. I have a BBW and i been with her for 27 years despite hardships we are soulmates and i will never change that for the world.

  38. Sandra Anne says:

    Ah hell, if they are picking on me , they are leaving others alone.. heehee

  39. I dont mind fat bitches

  40. Take this advice… coming from a larger woman.
    Quit caring what others have to say, be comfortable in your own skin, and live your life. People will always have something to be unhappy about, but them picking at your weight isn’t going to make you skinny, the same as you telling them to be nice is going to make them any less of a douche bag.

    It’s not worth it!

    • This!!! Do what make you happy and not what makes others happy. You will never please everyone so focus on pleasing yourself. Life is much better that way. Good on you Carolle!

    • Carolle Boulard I like your way of thinking. This world needs more people like you!

    • Andre Guillemette it’s funny because my take no shit attitude offends a lot of people.

    • Andre Guillemette it’s funny because my take no shit attitude offends a lot of people.

    • Well.. yes this.. completely agree.. but i also think its a little passive and inhuman to NOT pass on truely amazing words such as this.. people spend all day listening to nonsense and spending time with people that are douch bags.. but when you hear the heart in someone’s pure intentions of just the hope of people being a little nicer.. why not? .. educating people can be free and change humanity.. simple words ♡

  41. Alain Gagne says:

    i do like bigger women and people should not judge because god created all of us in different packages

  42. never judge a book by its cover everyone is beautiful in their own way

  43. Check pof. 90% of the women on there say, “average body” and they are all HUGE!