Anyone know wait times?

New to area and don’t have a Gynecologist. Having a “girl issue” and need to get seen asap. Is it months waiting for apt getting a referral from walk in clinic dr? Would I be better off just going to the ER?



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  1. i would definetly go to a clinic and get a referal befor going to the ER.

  2. However if seeking a gyno doctors you know is amazing he is fantastic super thorough ,great bedside manner, extremely genuine. He saved my life a few years back he is par non my favorite..

  3. I believe the woman center in the rainbow center downtownhas one or two days during the week in the afternoon where no appointment is necessary it’s just walk ins.

  4. Well, if you want speed, you could get pregnant , they take that very seriously and get you in fast lol. Other then that it can take absolute months. Best suggestion is to go to the health unit (has to be the one in the downtown mall, they specialize in sexual health whereas the other ones are just like vaccines and such). Going to emerge is basically useless in Sudbury unless it’s something major. They will just rush treat you and throw you out the door after making you wait a ridiculous amount of time . Also. To get a family doctor in town join health care connect, when a family doctor has availability they will contact you. A lot of doctors in Sudbury grab patients directly off that list

  5. Laura Fay Laura Fay says:

    Keto crotch got another one?

  6. Just go to the after hours clinic.

  7. Maybe in the meantime garnish it with a wedge of lemon just to keep it fresh.

  8. I imagine that whatever it is you have, can mostly be dealt with at a walk-in clinic. If it’s sexually transmitted infections, I would perhaps make an appoint with the nurse practitioner at the health unit.

  9. Go to your local walk in clinic and ask for a referral. The wait time will vary. You will be seen depending on the severity of the problem. Also, if you’re willing to go out of town, the wait could be much less. Hope this helps☺️

  10. I am waiting to see a gynaecologist, 1 year wait lol

  11. Call Health Unit, wait will not be long, doctor is a good one…

  12. Can take a few years unless your half dying. I had to go down south they took care of me. But then i finally got gyno here amd now i have to go back down south to see a specialist. Good luck but maybe ask to see if northbay or barrie is faster.

  13. Health unit downtown has walkins on Fridays until 3p, otherwise you can call them and get an apt within a couple days 🙂

  14. Mars Ulrich i was about to say something similar but figured there would be 20 by now lol

  15. I say if u need to be seen ASAP, go to emerge. They will assess and deal with the issue and send a referral to a OBGYN if u dont have a family Dr to go to

  16. Ashley James Ashley James says:

    Dr splinter is absolutely amazing

  17. Al Manion Al Manion says:

    Waiting for your clinic referral will be shorter than sitting at the ER.

  18. Kim Parker Kim Parker says:

    I would probably ask your family doctor instead of all the doctors sitting on facebook reading shoutout sudbury.

  19. Paige Dénommé i’ll check it out!! Thanks!

  20. Elizabeth Lucille Gagnon dr splinter is amazing 🙂

  21. Paige Dénommé ill have to keep looking

  22. Elizabeth Lucille Gagnon you can always try. I didn’t see my family doctor for about 8 years before I got pregnant, I was still in their system 🙂
    You can always get a clinic to give you a referral as well!

  23. Paige Dénommé sadly I haven’t seen my family doctor in years. I may no longer be in the system.

  24. Dr Splinter is my gynecologist and she’s amazing

  25. Elizabeth Lucille Gagnon its a fairly fast process, get a referral from your family doctor and you should get an appointment a few months after your referral

  26. Crys Ross Crys Ross says:

    Health unit helped me out majorly!!!

  27. My family do for is accepting patients and shes is FANTASTIC. Look up Dr.Sandra Ferroni-Fortier. I am blessed to have her. If you can’t wait, you can go to any walk in clinic and they will perform an internal exam and can help you. 🙂


  28. I have a nurse practitioner and they do all the same stuff at part of my regular health check ups

  29. Go to the health clinic downtown?

  30. Go to the health unit or the women’s center. They will take good care of you.

  31. Depends on your issue they prioritize based on condition

  32. Dependent on the issue, you can also try the health unit in rainbow centre, they do pap test, STD testing, not sure what else but I’m sure there’s more.

  33. I just got a referral done from a clinic, took about two months to get an appointment, and that appointment was about 2 months after the referal was sent

  34. Mazra Lepack Mazra Lepack says:

    You get in faster if it’s a referral from a family doctor. But it shouldnt take to long to get one. Mirka, splinter, or Jacco are amazing gynos.

  35. Depends on your issue they prioritize based on condition

  36. Jen Bouillon Jen Bouillon says:

    It takes a long time to get into a gyno if your not pregnant. Go to the clinic and get a referral sent in though

  37. Go to the clinic and get a referal

  38. It took me six visits to the ER to get a gynaecologist, they gave me two referrals and put an urgent rush on it. I had one within a month after that

  39. I got a new one within a year because my previous one lost hospital privileges. I’m with Dr. Morris now and he’s fantastic. Had surgery with him yesterday. No pain. I heard good things about Dr. Splinter too.

  40. Dr parlette is new in town and she is excellent. She may have room in her practice

  41. See if Dr Splinter could take you on

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