Anyone know about this?

Word has it that Sudbury has 2 people who went to the Hospital for Coronavirus. One sent home to self isolate. The other kept in Hospital under Isolation . Aparently one from a cruise .. also one of the people did shopping and errands?? But No one is allowed to speak on it??

Anyone else know about this ?? If this is true, Id like to know.



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  1. Kz says:

    Omg wow like the dr that new about this but government shut him up here we go hes dead because no one let him speak

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not allowed to speak on it? Uhh… information is knowledge? 527 reads on this. This is about to get blasted to the moon and those keeping it under wraps… mm.… . What `ch`all think about that? Would you want to know where and when.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t heard specifically about this, but I saw my GP today and he told me I shouldn’t even be at the doctor’s office because I have a chronic disease and am immunocomprimised.

  4. Mahk says:

    Oh boy here we go!

  5. Trudi Trahan-upchan says:

    OKAY I don’t know for sure – but let us put it this way! There once was a serial killer who broke out of Sudbury jail and we the public were not warned because the media stayed silent! YOU FIGURE IT OUR FOR YOURSELF! If there was it is very likely Sudbury would not report it and the media if they knew would stay silent. I and my mother was robbed of over $300,000.00 but the media refused to cover our story yet, they covered a story of an immigrant from Jamaica who felt she was being snubbed at a bus stop, & an immigrant from India robbed of only $3,000.00 compared to our $300,000.00 got full media, CBC, Market place & CTV television coverage. I could go on and on – just a small sample of the kind of media censorship in Canada. Founder nonprofit & If you are worried about the virus stay away from crowds, wear rubber gloves shopping and wash your hands frequently. Those little bottles of hand wash are not as effective as soap and water and avoid at the risk of your life all public washrooms and don’t eat in a public place. Isolate yourself until the crisis is over – usually these virus don’t spread as well in summer.

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