Anyone Keto dieting?

Anyone try the Keto diet? Any good results? Any cons?
It’s been a week for me and just reaching out for others that are on it.



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  1. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    Try the #snakediet its similar but more effective.

  2. I’ve been very successful with keto. You don’t need to buy expensive drinks and stuff, your body burns fat for free!!!

  3. Josee Khairallah I know but even if you are just the messenger it’s still spreading misinformation.

  4. Gail Decaire Gail Decaire says:

    Emily Frappier read up on it. Actually tell your dr to read up on it. There is a healthier versions of keto, not everyone is high fat keto. Particularly if the person has a lot of fat to lose . The fat intake should be reduced

  5. Gail Decaire Gail Decaire says:

    I did and atill follow keto and had amazing result . I stopped keto and my migraines came back, carb induced coma and bad food choices will do that! I have always recommended the healthy versions of keto. Cheat days always keto (but dirty keto) fathead pizza or wings. Still keto, but cheat day . I have just started keto again, I quit smoking and had some gains LOL. So I’m back on track now! I post quite often my food on IG

  6. Nat White Nat White says:

    Josee Khairallah It depends… Some people who follow a proper Keto diet have no health issues and doctors are okay with it. The problem is when some people choose to do “dirty Keto”, and get all their protein from bacon and fatty meats, and deep fry or pan fry everything. You can still eat high protein, high (healthy) fats and low carb Keto and be healthy.

  7. Alaynah Irene just saying…been reading a bunch if articles lately. Just relaying msg.. don’t shoot the messenger lol

  8. Melissa Poitras Belanger

  9. Really shouldn’t be done. But to each their own. Do some research and see how bad it is for you.

  10. ?????? My doctor loves this diet.

  11. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    My niece lost 70 lbs my buddy’s son lost 100 and he was 400
    Lbs still has
    Lots to go but amazing results

  12. Message me if u want.. over a year on it and have seen many gr8 benefits.

  13. Me!! It’s almost a year of changing my lifestyle and I enjoy keto every much lost 90lbs

  14. Jenna Rae Jenna Rae says:

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  15. I did keto before my wedding as a short term thing, (I didn’t need to lose weight as I was already small but just wanted a little confidence boost) i felt really good doing keto but the only thing I didn’t like was the fact that I couldn’t eat fruit. I love fruit and I know it’s healthy for me so I had a hard time
    Cutting things out of my diet that I knew were healthy for my body.

    It’s a really fun diet and lots of fun alternative you can have. I had a lot of fun trying new recipes. Also just make sure you eating lots of fats to replace your carbs otherwise you will never feel full. FOLLOW YOUR MACROS!

  16. I do the keto diet b the doctor is really happy that I’m on it so please don’t listen to any one about it being a fad diet and it being bad for you it’s not true! Make sure you get lots of electrolytes because you will lose lots of sodium and that can get you in to trouble causing all the unwanted side effects ( keto flu) other then that the the worst side effect is you will smell funny (breath and body odor) and peeing lots but this will go away. Remember your meal shouldn’t just be bulletproof coffee bacon better all the time lol it should be with lots of leafy greens your meat (stay away from tomatoes tho lol they have lots of sugar ) oh ya try out carb cycling as well.

  17. JD Tait JD Tait says:

    I have it in very good authority from a nurse of 35 years that a lot of people have ended up in the hospital malnourished and dehydrated because of that diet.

  18. Dennis Lopez Dennis Lopez says:

    My cousin does keto and he looks like a tank now. Takes alot of discipline but the results are worth it

  19. It works but it can have side effects. Some people get very sick after being on it for a while. If you have type 2 diabetes don’t do it. There are many articles about the diet. Don’t skip the ones that tell you about the side effects. Talk to your doctor about it first.

    • Robin O’Bumsawin ….if you’re referring to the “keto flu” it passes in about 7 days. You just feel like you’re sick like you have a crappy cold

    • Chantal Parisien I’m not referring to that. Some people have very bad reactions to keto.

    • Been on for a year lost 85 pounds and i have many friends on keto, as well as a group with about 30,000 people. These are misconceptions.

    • Alaynah Irene I am not saying everyone, some people have a bad time. The studies have been done on the children who have been on the diet for epilepsy. Great that no one in your group has had trouble. You are not everyone in the world. All I’m asking is that people consult their doctor. Pre-existing heart, liver or kidney conditions would probably cause your doctor to advise against keto.

    • Robin O’Bumsawin why not do it if you have type 2 diabetes? My husband was diagnosed in sept with type two and his doctor recommended Keto. His numbers and weight both came down safely and no longer needs medication. All other blood work is perfect. He has never been sick, in fact feels much better with a huge amount of energy. I strongly believe that education on keto and the right doctor is key.

    • Nancy Trottier you are right. I’ve seen two different camps on that one. I’m not a doctor so I don’t know for sure. That’s why I said see a doctor.

  20. Shyla Myatt Shyla Myatt says:

    Love keto! Great results and I feel much better than before. Only advice is to not buy into silly keto products like shakes or coffee or whatever, those are not necessary at all. Check out for info and the sidebar for recipes and stuff. Almost anything can be made keto.

  21. Read the literature. It’s great for many. Sticking to whole foods is best, many cookbooks are fad style. You need to know your macros – if you dont you aren’t doing it correctly. You do not need supplements for ketosis, you restrict carbs.

  22. Eve Nicole Eve Nicole says:

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  23. Hailey Faye hows keto working for you

  24. I follow keto. 30 pounds in 3 months

  25. The flu is temporary. Push thru it.

  26. its literally a dangerous fad diet and should not be done long term

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