Anyone else fed up with the injustice in this city?

Anybody else a little pissed off christopher labreche and his wife only got a demotion?

There has got to be something as citizens that we can do to have this appealed? We pay their salaries through our taxes, enough of letting this kind of shit slide.

Its bad enough weve got pedophiles walking free left and right now we have a known criminal armed to “serve and protect”.

Its time we take stand, I just dont know where to start.



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  1. how are they even able to find work after what they did let alone keep their old jobs….
    if i did this i would be that beggar infront of royal bank cause idd never find work or housing again

  2. Dave Jones says:

    Remember this is the same asshole that beat a teenager
    And got away with it

  3. Shit hole of the north

  4. David MacKay says:

    They said “sorry” and paid back the money…What more do you want….JK…Any other person at any other job, would have be fired, charged and put in jail…This is another BIG joke in this city….How can anyone from the public or other cops ever trust these two…They show up…I’m asking for some one else….Too many “Do overs” for this clown…JMHO…

  5. I’ve just come to conclusion that Sudbury is a crooked city. The transit scandal, the ticket scandal, the bi-election scandal it goes on and on. Nothing will ever getting done around here as long as we have these crooks are in charge of our city.

  6. Bob Bertrand says:

    A precedence is now set. Anybody who pleads guilty for fraud should have a similair setence.

  7. Police can get away with anything, where have you been?

  8. Dean Farinha says:

    We hear about little things like this. The big stuff is covered up and never makes the papers.

  9. Not only fraud he’s done so much more that makes him even more of a loser, let’s steal money and slam a kids face into a glass window…. real smart, this guy should never be able to call himself a cop again. Definition of a loser

  10. Paul Pilon says:

    The fact that the local force tolerates those crimes proves how they don’t actually believe their own agenda and are all guilty by association in my view. Aka. “Persona Non Grata.”

  11. something smell very bad here….how can they stay on as police officers and lay the law on us can they be bonded …or ever trusted…i think its who you know…nothing sticks to them like teflon these people have no concience…any other job they would of been fired…….they are being paid with our tax dollars…..big changes needed….

  12. Laura Lea says:

    maybe a petition to the Police Board demanding their resignations

  13. Ultimately the police services board would be responsible. They aren’t elected but get picked by city council.

    If you don’t like the attitude at city hall, vote them out!

  14. Ugh. Any case he is involved in can be appealed.

  15. There are criminals in charge of the city. Seriously, criminal charges for bribery and election tampering and fraud. Even voting is compromised. They got every angle covered.

    Storm the gates. Take back the city.

  16. Dan Arnold says:

    We pay his salary and then he turns around and steals not only from his employer but technically from the tax payer. If that was any non cop they would be fired and then arrested.

    • Benni Norris says:

      No, they wouldn’t. Some would, some would be ordered to return it and pay a penalty. it’s up to the employer to determine the punishment.

    • Judy Watling says:

      Benni Norris most would be fired

    • Paul Pilon says:

      Benni, name an instance where the victim got to decide the punishment when a crime occurred. If that was possible the Kangaroo court of Sudbury wouldn’t be needed.

    • Yvon Lemieux says:

      Not defending but how many are stealing on welfare. How many are on comp. and can work. They get caught and we still let them continue. And we as tax payers keep paying.

    • Dan Arnold says:

      Yvon, the police are supposed to be an example for the public, they arrest people for fraud and stealing. What example are they setting by allowing one of their own to steal from them (and us) and not be charged or pay anything, a demotion with a pay cheque next week isn’t punishment, it certainly isn’t the same punishment you or I would get. I’m sure someone with some money and a good lawyer would be able to get themselves off the hook for the same thing based on what they did (or didn’t do) to this cop.

    • Dan Arnold says:

      Benni, the vast majority would be fired, I know of lots of people who have stolen from their employers, all were fired, some were punished by the law, the same law that stole from us and got no punishment.

  17. It’s an old boys club. It’s been proven with bribery scandals, secret slush funds by councillors and investigations by the Ontario Ombudsman. All facts to prove he old boys club exist and doing very well.

    When is the last time you seen a tendered contract in the newspaper or fair notification open to bids? They don’t even try to hide it anymore. Arrogant old bastards.

  18. Mis Anne says:

    Not the first time for him he has gotten away with stuff before . He has been in the news before

  19. Luc Rioux says:

    anyone else caught duing fraud would be in jail periode some get it easy

  20. The problem is that they are working in a position that demands respect from the people of this city. They expect us to follow the law and do as told when they can’t even do it. How many people do you think are going to respect the police of Sudbury now thinking they are thieves and protect their own but are more than willing to punish others for minimal crimes. Most break and enters don’t even get away with 4,00.00 and yet they get a record and prison time. They violated people’s trust and should have more to pay then a decrease in their incomes

  21. Al Manion says:

    lock him up in the same cell as the alluded to pedophile and see how they get along lol

  22. Rob D Rivers says:

    the guy and his wife took a $100,000 pay cut. Have you EVER seen anyone who stole (fraud) ~$4,000 have to pay a $100,000 fine? (I know its not a fine – but they still lost $100,000!). The average person would get a very small fine, and a suspended sentence. So no its not ‘injustice” – unless of course you’re really still upset about that boy (I use that term purposefully) that got his ass handed to him after he got mouthy with cops, then started moving his hands around…. I suspect it is the later reason…

    • Leo Bigras says:

      The average person caught trying to steal from their employer funded benefits provider would likely get fired. At the end of they day, one would only be increasing employer premiums and costs. A slap on the wrist from the legal system perhaps but this would surely be grounds for dismissal.

    • Taylor Jones says:

      You mean a couple of fraudsters took a pay cut but get to keep their job and become promoted again one day making the same amount of money, essentially proving their crime had 0 consequences due to being part of the corruption? WOW! Who would’ve known!?

      Nice way trying to divert the truth to the incident with the kid that has literally NOTHING to do with this fraud case….why don’t you include the bicycle that helped sprain the officers leg one year in your comment just to add another completely unrelated event to your dumbass response lol?

      They admitted their guilt of fraud plain and simple. Well, one of them did, the other got lucky (not really lucky, but that’s how corruption works) and get to keep their jobs, and have the opportunity to become promoted again….where’s the consequence, or punishment?

      Oh, a temporary ‘hold’ on the money they don’t deserve? Boo-fucking-hoo. You’re probably a friend of this douchebag and don’t even realize it’s your money he was stealing.

      So please, tell everyone here how some kid had an influence on how this officer decided to commit fraud, we can’t wait to see how fail-tastic your reply will be.

      Oh, there was also a lot of bear sightings this year too, that probably had an affect on the fraud case too, don’t forget that.

    • Exactly. These two thieves will be making that money back in a few years. But someone else would lose that job for good so do the math. We’re they that desperate making almost $200,000 together to steal $4000 in Insurance fraud, really!

    • Dan Arnold says:

      Anyone who steals from their employer gets fired and then put on house arrest (at the very least) or put in jail, meaning they can’t work, so depending where you work you and your spouse would be taking more than a 100,000 dollar “pay cut”. Try again.

    • Rob D Rivers says:

      Dan Arnold I’ve had to pay people a severance to fire them when they broke laws and were caught red handed. So probably cheaper to keep them.

      They didn’t steal from employer, they defrauded benefits plan.

    • Rob D Rivers says:

      Taylor Jones I don’t know these people. I don’t even live in sudbury.