Anyone attend modern collage ?

Anyone attend modern collage for the hairstyling program ,I’m registered but having second thoughts because all I keep hearing is bad things about the program and school in general ,should I reconsider going and look into a school somewhere else ?thoughts ?



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  1. So god damn passive aggressive. Lmaoo

  2. Kristina Moore case closed. Merry Christmas doll.

  3. Kristina Moore cause is perfectly acceptable…lol. Practice what you preach lovely.

  4. I love a good modern collage.

  5. Dont do it.. worse school ever!.

  6. Honestly, if you’ve a wee bit of French under your belt (think French Immersion from elementary)… you’ll be fine with Boréal. They’re SUPER supportive and they WANT you to learn and will HELP you to learn. It can be intimidating, but don’t worry too much. If you’ve a passion for the art; do it. After all, school is school. Once you get out, the story kinda changes a bit.

    Supplement your education at school with LOADS of professionals on YouTube who are more than talented at giving advice and tutorials and everything. I went to Boréal, loved it, but school is school.

  7. I went before they switched owners. It was an amazing program with hands on teaching (aesthetics ) but…. The owner passed away and it switched hands, can’t speak to it now

  8. I’ll give my opinion when I graduate next month

  9. It’s 10 months but if you are French go to boreal or if you can leave sudbury Barrie has a good program

  10. Gale Stewart Gale Stewart says:

    For all the assholes with your negative comments Shut Up

  11. Assholes. My little girl is currently struggling and behind her reading level. I only hope that if her grammar does not improve that she will not only choose to pursue a career, but that she will also not face the absolute ignorance I’ve just read. Watching the pain on her face as her peers and siblings learn faster breaks my heart into pieces. Everyone learns differently and some people struggle with more than just laziness. Shame on you.

  12. Are you able to tour the facility and see some of the students working during class hours? General consensus with all stylists is that hairstyling school will teach you a basic way of learning. You learn MUCH more as an apprentice working in salon, learning from seasoned stylists. So, whatever school you may go to, keep that in mind.

  13. Nicholas Marlow how modern is the Collage?? Do you think they used magazine clippings?

  14. I like collages, don’t believe whay anyone tells you about them

  15. Michelle Yvette Megan Fanning Hancharyk.

    • Ryan Michael Wildgoose

      This isnt something I’m comfortable discussing on a public form as I dont have entirely good things to say. OP feel free to message me on here and I’ll let you know about my experience!

  16. Elizabeth Vaillancourt Kianna SanCartier opinions?

  17. Dennis Lopez Dennis Lopez says:

    Peepol jeeyz kan yu jest spel pereropley four kring owt laod!!!!

  18. Konner Brown Konner Brown says:

    Going to be doing art and crafts?

  19. If you’re French I would
    Consider going to boreal instead…

  20. If you can’t spell college … you’re not allowed to go.

  21. Shame on a business for doing what’s best for the business???
    Give your head a shake.

  22. Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

    College… Try English first

  23. Britt Any Britt Any says:

    Unless you feel comfertable teaching yourself go ahead. But the teachers over there are useless

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