Any MARRIED, or otherwise engaged, living with, and so on and so forth…

If all fourty year old (or older) something MARRIED men are looking for an affair with a 20 something year old woman if it seems she will even seem remotely be interested they are real SLEAZE BALLS! They are just looking for an “in” anywhere they can get with a vulnerable, or “easy” girl, period. And girls, if he tells you he is leaving his wife? No, he is not! If he gets caught cheating with you and she throws his ass out yeah, he may have to move in with you because she doesn’t want him back. If you have a paid for house and good job? Yeah, he probably might contemplate leaving her if you let him move in. If you have an apartment and loans not a whole lot? No, he doesn’t want you permanently. He’ll go back to his own “baggage” since I’m sure that’s what he calls her. He told you he doesn’t love her anymore didn’t he? Well that could be true, because if he loved her he wouldn’t be having an affair on her.

But I bet you he still tells her he loves her everyday and goes through the motions in hopes she doesn’t suspect, because this boy wants his cake and to eat it too. He told you he’s leaving her? No, honey, he isn’t going anywhere. Again, unless he gets caught and that is the only alternative she gives him. He has it too easy getting it from both of you. And you really don’t believe he isn’t having sex with her do you? Sweetie, you are his appetizer. He goes home and gives wife the best ride of her life. She may know about the affair but has decided she hasn’t been getting this much action in her whole relationship, so she’ll continue to let you handle the fireplay. Saves her the work. Girls if you are so insecure you cling on to allow yourself to be used by these DIRTBAGS, you can do better. You are seriously better off alone then making these PIGS think they really got “it”. They go for the thin girls because the middle aged girls are bigger? Give me a break. These girls are small (some of them) because they are still maturing. Guys change in their fourties too whether they admit it or not. The fourty or something year old attracted to the 20 something year old is because he has the brain of a teenager more than likely and not even a 20 something year old. Thankfully the fool that made that post is a minority because there are many decent older men who respect a young lady, but are not physically attracted to her like that. They would never think of approaching her sexually even if they thought they “had a chance”. It takes all kinds to make the world go round, and you fool are the one who sets the whole thing off kilter and causes the plates to shift therefore creating tsunamis. Ladies don’t give in to the fools looking for affairs. Find a man who is available with no wife, girlfriend, common law spouse, etc. etc. You deserve to be his number ONE, not yah, you are somewhere on my list of priorities (I know you think you are first, because he wants you to believe that. You aren’t).

And all if my friends that I know who fit the DOUCHEBAG criteria? I’m calling you out because I know your secret and I’m sick of it. Signed it will be over when the fat lady sings. Do you hear the music yet?



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nah the oldies are attracted to the young ones because they are dirty pigs that’s all there is to it. Most of them don’t want to father children and just want the lay. It’s not about reproduction.

    • Anonymous says:

      And the young ones that sleep with old men it’s for the money, that’s all. It’s easier to lay on your back for 30 seconds than get a job and work all day. Too bad their looks won’t last a lifetime and most of them will look worse than a cum rag by 40 if they keep it up.

    • Anonymous says:

      No it’s not about reproduction (in their mind) it is indeed about they lay…..but the subconcious attraction is infact the physical biological compulsion to fuck prime meat.

      Nobody wants wrinkley twats

  2. Anonymous says:

    Men are attracted to 20 yr olds because…..well thats prime mating age

    Woman over the age of 35 and giving birth have increased risked of development issues.

    A man attracted to a woman in her prime (20’s) has NOTHING to do with having the brain of a teenager and everything to do with instinct (and pheromones)

    • Anonymous says:

      Same with womens “biological” clock…..women hit their sexual “peak” in their 30’s for the same reason……biologically their body knows this is it….times running out to reproduce healthy offspring….so it kicks into overdrive…”fuck , mate, your horny , your horny, quick quick get one in you, running out of time , running out of time”

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah no men think that 20 yr olds are physically attractive because they haven’t matured properly.

    Thats why the entire porn industry is built on 20yr old females

  4. Anonymous says:

    back to the kitchen karen, who said you could use the computer karen?

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