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I’m wondering if anyone has had experience with local Susie’s bridal and sewing? I heard she had a health issue a bit ago but she hasn’t replied to my messages though she’s been posting photos. I spoke to other clients and the same thing is happening to them with her.

My wedding is in a month and I’ve been trying to get in for my last fitting as soon as I can!

What can I do except to wait?? I’m anxious she won’t have my dress done for the wedding! Can business communications be this bad? What to do if she never responds to me? 🙁



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  1. D.j. Dean D.j. Dean says:

    Wow….Just cheap shots. She does have a shop, just go. Seems like just opening a can of worms because who knows, you maybe over anxious? Maybe after years of owning a business you learn to deal with people in certain ways. After 5 calls a week or day sometimes with some clients, asking when it will be ready, you have to just call when it is ready. Dealing with Bridezillas is not easy…. Not saying you are..but brides have a tendency to be the hardest to work for, and your not the only client.

  2. She’s been working with me on my dress & has always been pleasant, professional & very prompt to respond to my messages.

  3. I had an aweful experience with her last year. Good luck, I hope your outcome was better than mine.

  4. She did an amazing job with my daughters prom dress.

  5. Go somewhere else, that is really bad business to ignore your potential clients

  6. Take your dress to Superior Sewing , she’s amazing

  7. Gen Rivard Gen Rivard says:

    I would take the dress and go elsewhere.. I had a bridesmaid dress taken in by her two years ago and I had to go 5 times, then I was stuck trying to find another seamstress 48 hours before the wedding to fix what she did because she had to go out of town. I ended up going to Nelia’s on Notre dame and she was absolutely amazing

    • Gen Rivard virtually the same thing happened to me for my wedding dress. My mother ended up hand sewing bits of my dress (mostly shoulders) two nights before my wedding day because of the “minor alterations” she said she needed to do and had 4 months with the dresses and 5 or 6 fittings to do it in.

    • Gen Rivard Gen Rivard says:

      Mandy… frustrating! She had my dress for over two months too.

  8. Shylo Parent Shylo Parent says:

    You know the address cause you brought your dress to her so go there.

  9. Go to her, pming her over Facebook isn’t professional on either party, however it’s even worse business practise for her.

    Go get your dress get some of your money back if you’ve paid in advance and take your business else where.

    • Melissa Nadine what’s wrong with Facebook page messages? It’s a form of communication just as good as email, text or calling. Albeit, a business should always make all forms of communication available at all times to their customers.

    • Fair, however this isn’t exactly a fitting for a what ever dress. Its a wedding dress, you would think it would be more professional. With that said, this could be the only mode of communication

    • She does texting or Facebook messages.
      If you call her it says she doesn’t answer them.

    • Pick up your dress and run! It took her over a year to make 2 small memory blankets with my late father’s clothes. She disappeared for months and I had to track her down. When I finally put my foot down and told her I was picking up my stuff she rushed and finished the blankets…have to say for $300 each they are horrible plus she lost ALL of the ties I had brought her and didn’t put them in the blankets like I had asked. I think it’s terrible to have no respect for something so personal as a keepsake.

    • She wouldn’t respond to Facebook messages, phone calls, texts… Her business hours would say open, you’d go because you felt like you were being avoided and she was closed… Hopefully this bride gets her dress back the way it needs to be.

  10. Go to the shop or where she lives ! If it were me & she was playing telephone tag ! I would pick up me dress & get the final fitting elsewhere ! How can someone run a business like that ! Finish your commitment’s. Then take a break or close up shop! I texted her last week! I will now go elsewhere ! Thank you for the warning!

  11. Kelly Jane Kelly Jane says:

    Susie’s Sewing & Bridal Boutique

  12. Lucy Simcoe Lucy Simcoe says:

    Drive down to the business to talk to her

  13. I had bad experience with her. Had to message a lot. Also she only had to put straps on, did wrong the first time, she admitted it was funny and silly and I understand we all look pass things sometimes and make mistakes.
    But after getting it fixed again. The straps were just crooked again where I had to keep adjusting one side.
    I heard a lot of complaints since then that her replying needs improving.

    BUT I heard she did amazing things and many people were happy with their results and her work. Also she grew a lot since then by adding her commission store.

    Maybe she’s under a lot of stress and needs to take a month off… Specially if it’s causing stress to her clients.

    Hope she’s doing ok , we don’t know what is going on in her life. Hopefully she is taking care of herself in order to do her thing.

  14. I’ve been trying to get my final fitting since March 🙁
    I’m glad I went super early

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